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Virgin media hub 3 solid red light

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I use the hub 3 in modem mode and for a few months ago I have been random losing connectivity. I have noticed that the hub3 has a solid red light. I did the factory reset and this did not help. I still have the solid red light.

I am concerned that the solid red light indicates overheating. Could this cause a fire?

Do I need a new hub 3?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @hallsharrogate 

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Sorry to hear of your concerns with the red LED. In most cases this is an LED error rather than the hub itself being any issue.

The modem mode light is magenta in colour, was this the case for you recently and then it's turned a definitely red colour, or did was the colour of the LED when it was in modem mode a different colour than magenta?

When you change the hub from modem mode to router mode does the LED light change to white at all or do you still find the LED is red?


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I unplugged it. Waited 5 minutes and plugged it back in. There was a magenta light for a while then a green light for a short time and then the solid red. 

Does this help?

I can do the switch from modem to router mode but that is a bit more tricky to do but I will do this if you need me to.

I think that when I did the hard reset the light was white for a while but I can't remember when it changed from white to red. It was possibly when I switched to modem mode.

Hi @hallsharrogate 

If you switch the hub to router mode, does the light go white?

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Thanks for the response. I got an engineer to come and he replaced the hub. All is well now.