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Virgin Media Virus Safe is broken

Joining in

Is there a way to disable "Virgin Media Virus Safe"?

I've occasionally had this block access to websites, despite not having any settings enabled to limit access to websites. I alway have to report that the site should be available, sometimes multiple times.

Other than the fact that I seemingly can't opt out, the implementation of it is completely broken.

The majority of websites are now accessed via SSL. If you attempt to access a website that is blocked by Virus Safe, you do not get taken to Instead Chrome displays an SSL error and then a "connection reset" message. This is because Virgin Media is intercepting and redirecting the request, and Chrome is (correctly) blocking access as this type of behaviour might be used to hijack a browser.

If you access the same domain via HTTP then the Virgin Media redirect works and you see the above url.

It's ironic that an attempt to improve safety online uses an unsafe technique.

Virus Safe has been broken like this for some time and I think Virgin Media need to fix it, or allow the service to be disabled.

I think my only other recourse is to by-pass Virgin's DNS which also isn't easy to do.

Any suggestions appreciated and I hope someone from Virgin sees this.




You can bypass Child Safe and Virus safe by changing the DNS on your devices to OpenDNS.
The process is outlined here ...
It is not difficult at all.

The other option with the Chrome browser is to enable "Google DNS" in the Chrome settings.
On my Android phone the navigation would be:
"..." >> Settings >> Privacy and Security >> Use secure DNS >> Choose another provider  Google (Public DNS)

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

To disable VS manually set your DNS to Google or Cloudflare etc.  Or use modem mode like a lot of others here. 

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"I seemingly can't opt out"

The controls to Disable "Virus Safe" are in the VM online account.    Have you tried that ?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello ldodds.

Thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear about the issues you are having with our virus safe not working as it should be.

Before we take a look at this for you, Can we ask if you have followed the steps below?

You can turn off Web Safe by going to My Virgin Media.

  • Sign in to with the primary My Virgin Media username and password.
  • Click on My Apps
  • Click on Web Safe
  • Click the option next to Virus Safe or Child Safe to turn the feature off.
  • Click Apply to make these changes.

You may need to restart their browser or their device for the changes to take effect.