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Removal of virgin media box

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I recently purchased and moved into a house with Virgin Media internet connection boxes. I am not a customer of Virgin Media and have no intention of becoming one based on previous experience so really need these boxes removed. 

How do we arrange for someone to urgently come and remove these boxes and connection from my property? 



Up to speed

how big is this connection box? 

Alessandro Volta

The most common answer from VM to this question is that they will not remove an outside box/cable unless it is a H&S issue.

Internal boxes are for you to remove if you no longer need/want them.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The internal Hub and TV boxes remain the property of VM and are the responsibility of the previous account holder to return them. 

If they havent... then either VM dont want them back (too old - need to be recycled) or VM are actively chasing them and ultimately will be charging them or marking it as a debt on their credit rating.

For goodwill reasons... just disconnect everything (its all "safe" to do so") - and stick it in a shed drawer or similar - until such time as VM get to this post and advise you what you could do to help them get it back.


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