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Broadband down suddenly

Joining in

I have Hub 5, 1 GB. Recently renewed my contract after being on rolling contract for 2yr (7yrs total w/VM). This is my first full month on new contract

On Fri 24th Feb @ 5 pm my fibre optic broadband just dropped. Checked VM site/app - shows ‘no issues’. Manually put in my postcode & confirmed there WAS issues in my area. It said the issue was ‘identified’ and looking to be repaired by Wed 28 Feb 10.02am - 4 days time at the time. Complete zero service. By Mon 26 Feb, this repair date/time was updated to Tue 5 Mar 10.30am! 8 days time!

By now, DownDetector, Twitter/X & Facebook are flooded with complaints. Even The Sun made an article but VM STILL had ‘no issues’ on the website AND told The Sun there were no issues!

I rang up VM and they did confirm that there is some sort of issues with the cables, i.e. being broken etc. but from the date of my service going down to the date they’re estimating it being fixed, that will be 11 days!

That means my CCTV & Ring doorbell can’t be used (safety issue) all my Alexa’s are down, my smart devices like smart bulbs can’t be used as need WiFi, my Smart TV has lost most its functions and because I’m also on O2 for my mobile contract – I cannot get into the O2 app to check how much data I have left (won’t open), as I’m using the hotspot for my most important of needs. 

its 2024, they really need to fix up. 

does anybody have any advice as to what I can do, what alternative Internet I can sort out for myself in the meantime for all of these devices and what I should do in regards to a complaint as their compensation scheme is weak.

If you run an e-commerce store and have ti heavily rely on Internet, £9 per day compo is not going to cover the hundreds of pounds one would lose in nearly 2 weeks of no Internet


Community elder

Just to clarify:

  • You are not on fibre optic broadband. HFC or RFoG at best unless you have a HUB 5x.
  • You are trying to run a business on a residential connection with no SLA.
  • You don't have a backup line in case of issues that do arise with residential connections.

Ensuring you confirm the outage and review the automatic compensation is all you can do (Other than look into a backup connection. Three offer mobile broadband if you are in a good coverage area



VM faults for your street are covered via 0800 561 0061 this is an automated service.

Might be best to avoid anti social media when facts are required for one's business.