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virgin not honouring price agreed several times over the phone

Joining in

I signed up to them on the evening of 08/07/2024, the phone call started at 1814 and lasted for 49 minutes.

I was promised the below services for £99.99:-

Mega Volt bundle

X2 extra boxes

Kids pack


Netflix premium


I was sent through the contract summary whilst I was on the phone and noticed not all the services agreed upon was on there, so I requested he sent an amended version through. I waited all evening and did not receive anything. I phoned Virgin 09/07/2024 at 1022 which lasted 34 minutes, to ensure that what was agreed upon was being sent through on an amended summary contract. I was told that what was agreed the night before would not be available to me and I would have to pay £150.00 for those services. They eventually said they would do it cheaper than that, but not at the price that’s was promised the night before. I asked them to review their transcripts to confirm what was agreed but they said no. I was told to wait until my first bill to try and rectify this which would not be due until 11th September 2024. This would be way outside of the 14 days cooling off period and I would not be able to cancel my contract. I was told if you don’t like it then cancel it, which I had to do, so I was not over charged for the services I requested. This now leaves me without any services as I have cancelled my sky subscription due to the uplift in costs at the end of the contract.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi CraigRawding1, 

Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to our Community Forums 🤗 

I am sorry this happened and that you've now left us. Can I ask when you disconnected your services with us? 

We would only be able to honour what is stated on an order summary, telephone recordings are only available for a certain amount of time, plus it may be more difficult now that you have left us.