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Why don't virgin answer my emails?

Tuning in

Virgin Media sent me a renewal offer for my broadband and TV package in writing.

I would like to accept it and have spent 9 hours (yes, NINE) on one contact, via messenger trying to get the deal done.  They just pass you from pillar to post.  Eventually I got them to raise a complaint for me.  I received a message  from the, so called, "resolutions team", that I should ring the customer retention team on the number below... but there was no number.  There was a Contact Us button which led to a message saying "No healthy upstream" so I can't contact anyone unless I go through the hours on their ridiculous customer service number AGAIN which I refuse to do.  I have replied to the "resolutions team's" email to tell them that I need a number to ring, 11 days ago, 9 days ago and 8 days ago.  Still no response.  Just shocking customer service.


Hi @rebrobayo 

Thanks for coming back to us. That would be correct about the SIM. I'll PM you now to finalise the complaint for you.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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