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Whats the point of a contract, if VM don't honour it?

Joining in

I have been a loyal customer of VM for over 25 years.  I have had both good things to say about them over the years, and also been some changes and things not happy with over the time.

This latest incident is the icing on the cake.  My contract ends today, and my contract clearly states that I should have been paying £36pm, however I have been billed for the past year £48pm, despite no new contract, nothing in writing, no emails. The contract states my price will be increasing to £66pm from 9th April 2024

 I called them up to discuss whether they want to keep me as a customer and share my dissatisfaction  with them about the increase of bill and not paying what was in my contract.  The man I spoke to basically wanted to offer me more services for £56pm.  He then put me through to a lady who agreed that there was a clear mistake from VM regarding my prices/contract, and said she would put a complaint in for me.  She also said £56pm, which I reiterated was too high.  They both said that the price will increase to £77 out of my contract soon.  It was suggested I may wait till my contract expires and call back as they may be able to make me more offers.

I waited until today to call back and spoke to another person who suggested I do a DSAR form, and offered me the same package as the others but higher at £59pm!!  He said if I do nothing the price will go to £83.77, despite my contract saying £66, and the previous two calls saying £77pm.  

What is going on VM??? I advised I do not wish to enter a new contract at this stage or disconnect from VM as I wish to wait until my complaint has been fully resolved to consider my options. Now I am left with a ridiculous amount/increase. 

I am feeling so sad, stressed, and unhappy 



Dialled in

OMG. Look - you NEED to document what you are sayin g - and phone calls to VM and logged complaints simply do not work - because they have employed crooks who delete complaints they can't be bothered with (I found this out after making a DSAR request).

1) your best bet is to log this in public on social media - twitter - there is a VirginMedia Help  person ion there who does respond - remains nameless though. Once you log it on there - take screen shots and let them deal with it.

2) Also print out your complaint and send it signed and recorded delivery to their head office - address to the CEO Lutz. He is useless but this record helps YOU

3) this is a billing query and the ombudsman can help you with that. So you need to log this online with the ombudsman for telecoms. 

4) your last avenue - the small claims court. This is where I am at. I thought all my complaints were logged, the hours on the phone etc - but no - the swines deleted them at their end - even the DSAR team aren't doing their job (I logged this with information commissioners office). 

They are all really crap at their jobs in complaints - no-one takes accountability. I have resorted to cc ing my MP. The problem comes from the point they stopped allowing customers to email them. The accounts errors, the connection errors are all being deleted . it is now a scam. For the fee you are paying you may as well move to starlink - at a reduced price in costco. 

But definitely - the problem needs to go on twitter and be made public

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @cojoba Thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media Community forums. 👋🏼

I'm so sorry to hear about the terrible experience you've had recently in relation to the package, price and the customer service. 😢
We will investigate this matter for you and assist you on this ASAP. I will send a private message for further support and assistance. 🧾

Watch out for the private message, 📧

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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