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Virgin not honouring new contract

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My 18 month deal with Virgin was due to expire on February 19th 2024. I phoned on December 30th 2023 and was made an offer for a new 18 month deal at £72 which I accepted. My next two bills were for £157, which I expected as this usually happens when you sign a new deal as discounts are added retrospectively.

Today, however, my bill was again £157, when it should have been £0 (because of the discounts being added from the previous two months). I phoned Virgin and was told there was no evidence of a new deal at their end and that as the previous deal expired on Feb 19th then full price for my package kicked in. I pointed out I had a contract, dated 30th December, in front of me and that i'd been charged full price since then and was expecting the discount to be given to me retrospectively.

I was told that as I was emailed on January 19th informing me that my deal was about to expire that meant all offers expired. I never received any email from Virgin on that date, or any date, informing me about any expiring deals!

I was then offered the same deal which I had agreed back in December for £72 for £92, which I refused. I have a contract dated 30th December for an 18 month deal at £72. Surely I'm entitled to this?

Any help in sorting this out would be gratefully received - I'm not sure how this could happen. I was sent a literal contract!

thanks, I really appreciate any help!

edit: i have a CSS dated 30th December if that helps?



Dialled in

In an odd way, this might work in your favour, now you have two options.

a) Kick off a fuss, make a formal complaint (which will go nowhere) and escalate the mess to the Ombudsman service, if not the Courts, for breech of contract. And this will all take time during which you will need to pay the full amount.

b) Fine VM have decided that you are no longer in any minimum term contract and hence are free to leave without penalty, well other than the 30 days notice period. So maybe, just maybe, use this as an excuse to look around for other suppliers, find one that offers something you like, take it and give VM their marching orders? Of course once you do this, then it’ll probably prod VM into contacting you and making an even better offer - or no.

But yes, legally, you absolutely are entitled to the offer you were made and accepted for £72, and you could go legal on it - can you be bothered? You have first hand experience of just how dysfunctional VM are and how they operate, maybe a change of supplier is in order?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Libbyshuss 👋🏼.

Thank you for posting and welcoming you onto the community forum ☺.

Sorry to see there has seem to be some confusion regarding your package ☹.

I will further investigate this matter and take a closer look for you.

Please watch out for the envelope ✉.

Ari - Forum Team

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