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Virgin not honouring agreed contract price

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after agreeing a new contract price of £94 on the 24th of Feb 2024 I received my bill today of £224! It turns out the agent didn’t apply the discount on my offer. After spending 2 hours on WhatsApp, and 4 hours on the phone this is still not sorted! All I keep getting is we can offer you a new deal at £107! 
I can’t speak to a manager or complaints department . I have a bill of £224 sitting over my head which is not being paid as I can’t afford that and it is not what was agreed ! 

does anyone have a way to contact a English call centre to make a complaint or speak to a manager ! This is causing me so much stress and I’m sure if I go to the financial services regarding this they will happily back my side. 


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I am currently dealing with the same issue! Agreed a new deal of £94 and my bill arrived yesterday at £224 🙄. Can’t get any answers , they are basically calling me a liar , offering me a new deal at £114 . Asked to speak to a manager . Been cut off 2 times. 
it’s hilarious as I have the contract on email, have sent this via WhatsApp and still don’t fix it 😂
I think I’m going to the financial services and pulling out all the virgin in my home and moving to sky. After 15 years with virgin it’s time to say bye bye and good riddance. Such a shame the customer service does not match the quality of the products they offer 

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 In the same situation as you, I was completely misinformed and mis-sold the package. They won't give me a bill breakdown, but tell me I'm in arrears, they haven't applied my discounts either. When I tried complaining yesterday, the agent apologized and said, "Sorry I can't help you with this," and passed me to the retentions team to get a better deal??  A complaint Cs agents couldn't help!!! Trying to get an email or number myself

Thanks for reaching out to us @Tash1985, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with the package pricing of the agreement.

I'd be happy to take a closer look into this one for you.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Tash1985,

Sorry to hear you are having these issues, we can see that my colleague has already responded to you, if you get back to him there he will be happy to help.



luck! After another 4 hours on the phone yesterday and speaking to 7 different people and being offers god knows how many different prices , then being called a liar , they agreed to give me the deal I signed up for. Then lo and behold the deal I received via email today was wrong AGAIN!!! I completely give In! The cost of the phone calls I don’t want to even know how much that will be! I actually feel scammed by Virgin ! I am in the process of spreading the word over social media , luckily my wife has a very very good following as she is a social media advisor 😉 plus have sent everything to the financial ombudsman as this is far to common looking at these threads! Hopefully everyone else does the same