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Urgent escalation of incorrect credit report needed

Tuning in


I have always paid my bill via direct debit, in full and on time. Virgin logged a 'default' on my credit report for December 2023, but this is not correct; the January 2024 credit report shows a settled balance of £0 but this doesn't rectify the mistake. Because now I have a missed payment flag on my report which is untrue.

After calling up & agents confirmed this is a Virgin mistake, I have emailed with all relevant details but their 21 day reply time is not good enough - I urgently need this matter to be escalated as I have an offer accepted on a property and need to submit a mortgage application ASAP, early next week at the latest.

This means that I need Virgin to issue an expedited redaction of the missed charge to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. This process needs to be started immediately as it is Virgin's fault entirely and my property purchase will suffer if this is not fixed immediately.

Please escalate this by the end of the week and make sure that the credit marker is adjusted through the fast (1-2 day) vs slow (3-5 week) process. Thanks for any help from staff reading the forum


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

When did you email the details to the credit file inbox? Previous threads tend to suggest that until either CFA have adjudicated and/or the 21day period has elapsed, that the staff have very little (if any) room for expedition.

It would also be worthwhile your sending the same details to each of 3 main CRA's in tandem, if you haven't already.

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Tuning in

Thanks japitts. I found one post on this forum where someone in a similar position was able to get their case expedited, so I think it can happen. There must be some way to avoid losing a property over Virgin's mistake which they give a self-imposed timeline of nearly a month to start looking at fixing...

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi didnotdefault,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, we are sorry to hear there was a default showing on your credit file which you have since been advised is an error, as this was in error this will be removed however we are unable to contact the credit agency or get this actioned quicker.

The first thing advised is to log a dispute directly with the credit reference agencies, Equifax or Experian.  this makes it easier for the credit file amendment team too as all of the information is visible to them. 

Then send an email to, In the email you will need to include full name, account number, contact number, account address, the company that they used to view their credit file, and any specific details related to the credit file enquiry. The credit file amendments team will action this within the next 14 days of receiving their email.




Hi Paul, thank you. I have also logged this as a dispute directly with the credit reference agencies where it was reported. That's good to hear this may speed up the process for the credit file amendments team - my email did include all of those details earlier as I had seen the same info posted on this forum.

Is there not any way the team can prioritise this fix so that my mortgage application can go ahead as planned?

& please could you confirm that the incorrect information on my credit report will be amended via the quick (1-2) day process rather than the typical slower one, once the instruction has been issued to the CRAs?



Hi didnotdefault,

So I can get a few more details from you regarding this, I've popped you over a private message.


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Hi forum staff, please could someone else get in touch with me? Alex, above, reached out but haven't heard back from them since sending the requested details.

Thank you. Just to reiterate, this is directly affecting my mortgage application and I plan to pass the error on to the Financial Ombudsman as soon as I can.

Hi @didnotdefault thanks for your message here - so sorry for the delay.

We see you are speaking to Alex now so hopefully she will be able to resolve things as soon as possible for you.

Many thanks


Tuning in

Alex has done what she can, which is useful & I appreciate the help, but in any case I've had to go ahead and submit my mortgage application with this incorrect default on my record...

Fingers crossed?