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Understanding the agents on the phone?!

Tuning in

If there's one thing that virgin need to fix, is that, and this is in no way me being offensive. Is that I just can't understand the agents on the phone!!


I just got an speed upgrade and was doing it via WhatsApp them they called, which I don't have an issue with. But, I could not understand a single word she said. I couldn't figure out how much I was paying or what my bills would look like, it was actually frustrating.

So I try do everything on chat.


But please virgin. I know these people are cheaper to hire but for the love of god improve Thier English speaking.


If you agree reply, maybe they will do something!!!


Tuning in

Not to mention they never deliver on their promises, numerous times had to re chat with them over something they haven't applied like credit when they say they have!.


Such a shame fast and reliable network but utter crap customer service!!! 

Hello Danloki.

Thanks for your feedback.

Sorry as well to hear about your experience on the phone and the language barrier confusing matters.

With the speed upgrade you will have received an agreement by email.

The new contract should also be evident on your Virgin Media online account here 

If anything looks off or the cost is not what was agreed, can you please let us know.