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Taking Virgin media to court

Tuning in



For the last 4 months I have attempted several times through Connor located in the Plymouth centre in order that he can give me the correct address and name of contact so that I can pursue a strong case against Virgin Media in the small claims court.

I have been told that the CO team will contact me to no avail and really just getting fobbed off this however has increased the claim considerably.

Its time now that I employ the services of a solicitor as this is not going away.




Alessandro Volta

A small claims submission is usually the last resort. Prior to that have you a) gone through the VM formal complaints process and b) (assuming no result from the VM process) submitted a claim through CISAS? You would be expected to have tried this first

The CISAS process is also free to you.

If you are able to outline the problem here on the public forum, someone on here may be able to help.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @BBQ thanks for your post here in the community although I'm very sorry to hear of your concerns.

Are you able to please provide more details as to what's happened so we can advise you accordingly? We will happily look to resolve this over here for you and we can drop you a PM if necessary too along the way.

I look forward to your response with further details and we can take things from there.

Many thanks


Hi Tom_W,

Firstly Tom because of all the evasive behaviour which is a disgrace on any level I have decided that small claims is the only way I can gain satisfaction from an horrendous experience that sets Virgin media as simply the worst of all....


I asked for a home move and instead of getting that a new contract was drawn up prolonging another 18 months of misery. Then I gave notice for the termination of the contract which was totaly ignored costing me another £90.00 plus pounds.


Also numerous call to call centres where I was put on hold sometimes for an hour and a half then the phone was put down.


A letter of preaction protocal will be issued and this case I will win hands down. 


Just give the persons name and office number plus address please.






Thanks for coming back to us @BBQ. To have this looked into further you would need to get in touch with our defence team, I will send over the contact details now via private message. 




I find myself in a similar situation and intend to take this all the way.

how far along the process are you now? Could you please pass on the appropriate legal persons name and office number/address please? 

Maybe some kind of class action to put a stop to this abuse once and for all?

Virgin settled out of court £675.00 it was hard work but worth it.


Good luck.

Congratulations, I glad to hear that. 

Could you send me some details to help me get started? I’ve given up trying to communicate with VM. 

Thank you 

Hi JEnD89, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us in the Community. 

We're sorry to hear you're having an issue and considering taking legal action. Can you expand a little more on what's happened so we can help put things right? 

Let us know. 


Forum Team

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I would be delighted it’d you could save me the hassle; however I’m prepared to take this to court. 

I need the default applied to my credit reference by VM to be removed. 
I called as I was in financial difficulty and I was paying a high price for broadband only. I was advised VM could not offer a cheaper deal so I was offered a discount for a short while but would need to look elsewhere. 

My requests to cancel were not actioned and VM refused to cooperate with BTs take over. 
This left my contract running unused for 3 months. 

To salt the wound I received a call post transfer, after BT had drilled holes all over my house, to advice they could have offered me a competitive price. I needn’t have left at all. 

I am now awaiting a DSAR to investigate myself. I struggle with Autism and ADHD and I know I made several attempts to cancel the service. At no point did VM step in to help or advise me, instead I am being billed for broadband that was completely disconnected. 

I don’t feel wrecking my credit rating so I am refused credit is appropriate in the circumstances and I have found after a small investigation that I am not alone. The impact on me is wildly unfair. 

I would like my credit file amended.