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Recontracting questions.

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Hello. My contract is due to be up in April and wanted to ask if there can be any better prices than what I was just quoted?

My current package is maximum Volt package with Maxit TV, Gig 1, Netflix standard etc. for a very good price. £37.50 for base package, £50.50 with SIM and premium Netflix.

I am just wondering how this price was possible before but not now? I have just got off the phone with an agent who was friendly.

Just wondering then if I know these prices are possible, why are they not accessible? I was quoted £81/82 or with agent discount £72. I said I'd think about it but it's going to be nearly double what I'm paying now for the base package or even more with 02 SIM. Do I have to use the 02 SIM still?

Sometimes I get phoned out of the blue by a team and that's how I got a low price before so I'm wondering if anyone can see if that's the best price available or not please as it's a really big jump?

They said to look on app or website as well for offers but website just comes up with "oops page not found" and can't see any in the apps.

I have also been trying to get the hub 5 that should have been sent at start of contract. The agent said it was unacceptable. I've been asking for a while (November as a complaint but was asking for longer than that I think). I wonder if I gave up a bargaining chip now.

Regards Craig.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Craig,

Thanks for posting 😊 

Package changes aren't something we do via this forum, you can contact the team on the methods below 👉

Call: 150 (free of charge) from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone (option for media, option 4)
WhatsApp: +44 7305 327 112

The team would always aim to offer you the most competitive deal once your welcome offer has ended.


Hello Alex_RM thank you for your reply.

 I honestly thought some did help with packages on here.

May I ask then if you think I had a case regarding the hub 5? I feel like I was paying for something I wasn't getting, and that it was advertised with the Ultimate volt gig 1 package?

I know I had a decent deal but when I was on the phone yesterday they said we'd send you one and asked if I would drop the complaint, or would sending it be an acceptable resolution. 

I didn't know what to do as I wanted the hub 5 but kinda panicked into saying ok and duped into dropping it now I think about it. Can't help thinking that was the reason and they knew it was renewal time.

I feel strongly that it was false advertising and there have been basically 18 months I should have had it that they didn't send it. Excuses made and chased up many times. I was even going to report to the ombudsman.

I know they have access to better codes and discounts but don't use them and honestly feel I lost a bargaining chip now regarding the hub 5 complaint.

Sometimes a special phone number rings and offers packages which is how I got the deal in the first place but they haven't phoned.

Regards, Craig S.

So I can take a closer look at your complaint, I've popped you over a private message to get a few more details from you.