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Not again

Tuning in

I have had numerous issues with virgin over the last few month this has been resolved to were my bill was credited with compensation etc

i agreed to a new contract last mon/tues that im happy with 

was just told how much it would be per month and what my next bill would be

fast forward to wed received a email saying what next bill would be it had doubled and there was a one of fee

so I went on chat via WhatsApp app and was told don’t worry you will not pay the 35 fee however it’s gone live today and guess what future bill the charge is on there

had Netflix that I removed 30 January and been billed for that again despite getting a letter saying it had gone of asked about that not a problem

we will re credit your account with 10.99 to sort that also

why do we get lied to constantly and then have to open complaint after complaint this does not reflect on me anyway 

im not going to go on it’s just appalling