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My new agreed Virgin Media Contract not Honoured

Joining in

My 18 month contract was coming to an end on 21 April 2024 and I was notified by Virgin Media to this fact. So on March 28, I went online, signed in and chose the set-up I wanted for the next 18 months into 2025. This lowered my monthly bill for the next 18 months but also increased my broadband speed that I use for my business at home. This would be activated on April 21.

I went online again in early April and sure enough everything was in place so I download my PDF of the contract that I had entered into. This also prevented my from entering into any other deal online. All good to go!

Today, April 29 I receive and email saying my current package had increased price due to the contract ending.....Huh! what!

Called customer service (what a disgrace) I gave details of the contract number and they seemed to be in a confused situation. There was silence on the phone, then they came back telling me that they will try and get another deal for me that may match what I've asked for.

I said to him but I've already got a contract and I've already signed online this contract so why can't you honour it?

The customer service member then said 'well we can't offer it any more and they can't change any of the contract to honour it, I'll have to find something that will match it but I can't guarantee the same price that you have on this'.

Again I said but I've signed a contract with the price stipulated on the contract. Long story short they couldn't help, they wanted to pass me to the chat team, the chat facility online didn't work and because I had the customer service member still on the phone, they said try another browser.

So I tried three different browsers, only to find the chat service, again, would not work and it crashed all the other browsers.

I've been with Virgin Media for 10 years. I have multiple online set-ups with other facilities but virgin media today far exceeds being the worst customer online service and telephone service, that's if you can find a telephone number anywhere on their website...and a chat service that doesn't work for me personally, I don't know what it's like for anybody else.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey 1DigitalMedia, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to hear this.

Any deals made online or through the app can take 10 - 14 working days to activate we are aware of this issue. 

I have also taken a look at our side and I can see you've spoke to the team since this post, did they manage to help at all? 

Matt - Forum Team

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