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I've been defrauded by Virgin media

Joining in

Virgin media sent me a limited time, email offer to renew my package for another 18 months for the same monthly cost.

Now VM are now trying to defraud me by charging me double the agreed amount. I've tried contacting their utterly incompetent customer support service with the usual result. Nothing. 

All I had to do was click on one of the many links in the email... None of which worked. All links took me to a VM webpage with an error message. A multi-billion dollar tech company that can't even produce working email links?!?

Anyways it was a good offer and it expired soon, so I called up VM to take advantage of this "offer". Someone in renewals eventually (after 5 hours on WhatsApp) said they would match the offer and signed me up. When I questioned the fact that my new contract was at a higher rate than agreed, they said that the discount would show up on my account later... No prizes for guessing the outcome.

I'm now getting charged twice as much for the same package, which I refuse to pay, so now my bills is overdue and incurring late fees. It's not like I haven't contacted VM customer service to try and get the issue resolved. The last CS agent could see what had transpired and promised to "escalate" the processing of my discount... No prizes for guessing the outcome.

I've got better thing to do with my life than chase up a multi-billion dollar corporation who literally can't even seem to get the basics right (all because VM don't know how to produce working links in an email?!?). So here I am. And I'm going on a VM social media round trip to try and get this resolved.

It's hardly surprising VM is the most complained about ISP in the UK by a considerable margin. From start to finish for nearly 5 years now, every step of my customer experience has been physically painful and mentally stressful due to the utter and all-encompassing incompetence of this company. 



So give notice and leave. Join NOW broadband on monthly contract or use 4G/5G for a bit (preloaded SIMs on Amazon and ebay) then re-join as a new customer max of 90 days later (in fact in reality I think its just 30 days) and get all the offers and gifts and topcashback/quidco. You have to re-join at the right point though to get the best package deal price and any new gifts so helps if you know historic offers 🙂

Some people put straight into their partners name instead of the wait.