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Have been emailed with an exclusive recontract offer, links do not work and cannot find any offer.

Tuning in

As above could you tell me where to look for the "Offer"


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Paul260 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you are facing an issue accepting an email offer, can I ask what exactly happens when you click the link?

Hi Ashleigh. When i click on any of the identical links the message, Oops Looks like somethigs gone wrong. We coulnt find the page youre looking for. Then in red Back to homepage.

Also there is nothing in my account pages about any exclusive offer.

Thank you and I am so sorry to hear that this is not connecting @Paul260 

Can I ask when you received the email in regards to the deal?

Hi Ashleigh due to past problems which i will not go into. Contact goes to my wifes email for this account although it is my account. Her emails address is [MOD EDIT: Removed] and it was received yesterday 27th.

Thank you @Paul260 we have edited this post to remove the email as we would not recommend posting private information here. 

Can I ask if the email specified a specific deal or just stated new deals were available? 

Exclusive deal.

Thank you @Paul260 

Was the full deal and what it included listed in the email or does it just say it is an exclusive deal? 

It is a "recontract" to fix until endof march 2025. Exclusive price but the link does not work.

Hi Paul260,

Thank you for the above information, so I can have a further look for you, please look out for a white envelope to join a private chat.