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Cable my street

Tuning in

Hi I'm just wondering if I could get some information if it's likely my street will be cabled in the near future? I noticed there's some cables being installed a street over and further back from there.

I've attached an image to show where they're being installed, we live between Wardle St and Sandal St and are all currently connected to an old bt cabinet and community funding an upgrade would cost us £5k through openreach even though there are fibre enabled cabinets within 20 metres and we live walking distance to the centre of manchester. 

 Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 20.34.47.png

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Hello Paulmatthews40

How and when did you make your enquiry 

Apologies if you heard anything back yet 


Campo7 took my enquiry, but that was 3 1/2 weeks ago

Thanks Paulmatthews40

@campo7 Do you have an update since you received a PM please 


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Forum Team (Retired)


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I've noticed Van's in my area laying cables with a virgin media sign out. Can you confirm if this means I will be able to get virgin in the future and how long it normally takes from the cables being laid to supplying customers in home. I live in the NE12 postcode area of Newcastle upon Tyne 

Hi Granty707


Thanks for posting.


We are expanding our network, please register your interest here


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. My question wasn't answered with the link sent. I currently don't get virgin in my area but I noticed Van's laying cable this week and want to know if this means you will start supplying my area soon. The link you sent only tells me if I can currently get service which I can't 

Thanks for replying, Granty.


Unfortunately, if it's not listed for your address it may not be available yet, however if there are roadworks occurring in your area then this may be changing soon. When it becomes available we'll be sure to let everyone know if you had submitted your interest on the site.



Corey C

Joining in

We have a large VM expansion going on at the moment locally (Allington, Maidstone), the centre of the works is 1km away as the crow flies and 1.2km following roads. 2 or 3 roads over from us has been cabled, although in some areas one side of a road has and the other hasn't - and looking at the planned roadworks for the next 12 months, all the VM planned works are now moving away from the areas that have been cabled, which includes us...

Wondering if its possible to see if our road is likely to be cabled, it doesn't look good with the already cabled roads nearby but no planned works that I can see. I have registered on the cable my street site. 

Currently have Openreach FTTC as the only option at 20-25mbps down and 4-5mbps up. 

Thanks in advance. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi there

I can take a look into whether your street is due to have our network installed.

I'll send a private message to take a few more details



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