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Cable my street

Tuning in

Hi I'm just wondering if I could get some information if it's likely my street will be cabled in the near future? I noticed there's some cables being installed a street over and further back from there.

I've attached an image to show where they're being installed, we live between Wardle St and Sandal St and are all currently connected to an old bt cabinet and community funding an upgrade would cost us £5k through openreach even though there are fibre enabled cabinets within 20 metres and we live walking distance to the centre of manchester. 

 Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 20.34.47.png

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Thanks for replying MiloK

Can you reply to my private message then please 

I cannot promise it will be positive to see if you can get installed but I can ask the question 


Sorry @Gareth_L I edited my post and added a P.S when you posted, I will respond to your PM now.

Many thanks

Thanks for the update MiloK



Been waiting for years for a response from cable my street.

Our estate is now 30 years old (in Walsall), Virgin media is available less than 200M away in two neighbouring streets and I believe someone at the back of our estate has virgin media installed, but the rest of the estate is not listed? 

We have plenty of Open Reach manholes along the street which could easily be used for routing cable?

Any ideas of when we might get Virgin Media? 



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person


I am afraid that VM cannot use the openreach ducting as VM use their own infrastructure, you need to look for CATV / Virginmedia access points outside of your house, these are normally on the footpath.

Regards Mike

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None on my street, the two streets next to us all have what I think are little cable boxes out side their houses!!! 

Real shame, we are stuck with FTTC which has been extremely flaky at the moment.


Hello rrm

Can you please send me a Private message with your 



And contact details 

I can chase this up for you if you 

I cant promise it will be a positive answer but it will be an answer 


No one ever gets back to you! Take your details via PM and then that's it never a update.

Hello MiloK

Sorry its not good news 

I had an email back from our Expansion Team and they have advised no plans to cable your property 

This is classed as a Multi Dwelling Unit and would be to much cost to install the whole Unit with cabling as it is already installed by other service providers 


At least you’ve got a reply.

im still waiting for a reply