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Cable my street

Tuning in

Hi I'm just wondering if I could get some information if it's likely my street will be cabled in the near future? I noticed there's some cables being installed a street over and further back from there.

I've attached an image to show where they're being installed, we live between Wardle St and Sandal St and are all currently connected to an old bt cabinet and community funding an upgrade would cost us £5k through openreach even though there are fibre enabled cabinets within 20 metres and we live walking distance to the centre of manchester. 

 Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 20.34.47.png

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Theres a lot of virgin work been carried out near me is there anyway I can see if it's coming to our street they are working on the next street




Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)


Happy to take a look. 

Please PM me your full address. 

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I live on a development of 4 apartments and 9 houses. The surrounding homes all have virgin installed so BT won’t install fibre internet. Virgin cable is installed either side of the development, but was installed before the development was built. As the cable is at the end of the street, is there anyway we can get it installed? 



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Happy to take a look at this for you. 

Please PM me your full address and I will look into it in the morning. 



Here to help! I'm a manager helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

They take you enquiry to PM but you will never hear anything back regarding any firm 'yes' or 'no'


My street is cabled but my specific building is not (I think it may have been constructed after the cable was installed). I've completed the cable my street / network coverage form previously but not been contacted.

Is there a way I can make a case for the cabling for my building?


Actually I can attest to the fact that is not true!

Campo_7 took private details via PM and responded to the query satisfactorily via PM.

Just because you don’t see public replies doesn’t mean there’s always no resolution to the query

Have just joined so I can vent my disappointment at Virgin Media.

It was with great excitement and anticipation when Virgin Media came to my small town and started digging up all the streets and laying the cables for the upcoming deployment of Virgin Media services.

I watched them from my lounge window as they went past the end of my small road,  they did all the roads around me, small and big, except mine!

It is like they forgot to come down my small road as they dug up all the roads around and installed there cables.

There is one small block of 9 flats and a number of houses in my road, houses across the road from the front of my property will get Virgin Media, properties who's back garden backs onto my back garden will get Virgin Media, all it seems except the people on my small road, we have been missed out.

Whats going on Virgin Media?

Can you explain why one small road was not dug up and cables laid whilst all the roads around us were?

Hello MiloK

Sorry to hear that out network was not expanded to your property 

When we lay new cables we will always need permission from local authorities 

We would also look at the cost involved to connect a small road and this is done by prospective customers registering interest by this link 

You can register your interest if you like and ask your neighbours to do the same 

Sorry again 



I think you may have missed the point of my post.

Most of the properties around me are owned by the same housing provider, the whole town is having cables laid.

They have laid cables all around my small road, literally, the house right next to min on the side, separated by just the garden fence had had cables laid (Different road) It is the same the other side, opposite and behind, separated by a garden, yet they have had cables laid, they went down every road around me, big and small, it is like they forgot to do out small bit of road. 

They are still in the town cabling the roads, they have just moved on from my small area - The one place in my little area they did not cable was my small road. (Did I mention they didn't cable my small road yet??)

Like I said the houses all around belong to the same supplier and the works were all approved - I have checked

And for the record I and many of my neighbours already expressed an interest over a year ago when it was suggested that Virgin Media would cable our town.

In my view someone has messed up somewhere.

OH and a quick P.S. The small block on 9 flats is already set up with cable runs into the properties for Sky, telephone and cable etc. - Someone had the foresight to put them in when  the block was built, all it would need is for Virgin Media to continue laying the cable from the property next door to the block of flats, not even a 10 meter run I would say