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Being overcharged by virgin media. I don’t recommend them.

Joining in

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction and frustration with the services provided by your company. I joined Virgin Media on 13th January 2023 at my previous address, signing a contract for 18 months. However, since moving to a different address and continuing the services, I have been plagued with numerous issues related to the Internet.

As someone who relies heavily on a stable and reliable Internet connection for my work-from-home setup, the constant disruptions have not only inconvenienced me but have also resulted in receiving complaints from customers. This, in turn, has significantly affected my performance and caused me an immense amount of stress.

Despite reporting these issues to your customer support, the only resolution I have been offered is to reset the router, which has proven ineffective in solving the underlying problem. This level of service is simply unacceptable, especially considering the impact it has had on my professional life.

To make matters worse, I recently discovered that you have unilaterally changed my contract without my consent when I moved to the new address. Instead of honoring our initial agreement of 18 months with 6 months remaining, you have started a new 18-month contract without my agreement or consent. This not only violates the terms of our original contract but also puts me in a position where you demand payment of £373 for early disconnection.

I find it outrageous that you expect me to pay a significantly larger sum than what was originally agreed upon, especially considering the subpar service I have received. I am not willing to pay anything given the inadequate service and the fact that you have unilaterally altered our contract without my knowledge or consent.

I demand that you rectify this situation immediately by honoring the terms of our original contract and waiving any early disconnection fees. I expect a prompt response and resolution to this matter, as further delay will only exacerbate my frustration and dissatisfaction.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Carmen4,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your services since you moved and for the issues with your contract being changed. This is far from the service that you should be receiving from us at any of your time with us.  I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,