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18 month contract without consent after house move

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Hello, I’ve realised that when I arranged for a house move with Virgin that I’ve been put onto a new 18 month contract without requesting for this. I arranged for the move last November and will have expected to complete my current 18 month contract around December time I believe- at which point I’d expect to be put onto a rolling contract. Flash forward to now I’ve taken a look at where I am with Virgin and it turns out I’ve been on another 18 month contract which I did not sign up for. I’m not even paying any reduced price. 

I lightly recall at the time when working with the moving team that they were meant to be doing some arrangements with contracts and that everything will be updated accordingly, which I left in their hands. Unfortunately in this case this may have slipped through the cracks and been missed. 

Is there anything which can be done to make this correction?


Many thanks



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Spoke to live chat 💬 and was assured that I am on a rolling contract. Initially I was confused as the contract says expires in May, but looks like that didn’t mean what I thought it did. 

Hi @Jmbu79 👋,

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your posts.

To confirm were our team able to clarify things for you or do you still require help with this?

Forum Team

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