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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Let our great new app take care of the hard work.

We’re excited to let you know that you can now download our new My Virgin Media App for your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Your handy new sidekick can help you manage your account, and so much more.  

Now then, fancy a quick tour?


Get the My Virgin Media app

You can download the app from either the Google Play store (Android 5 and above), or the Apple AppStore (iOS 9 and above)

Just click the links above, or search your device's app store for ‘My Virgin Media’.

Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll need to log in with your My Virgin Media username and password.

Don’t worry if you haven’t set up your My Virgin Media account yet. You can register through the app: you’ll need your account number and area reference handy to do so.

Home screen sweet home screen

The home screen gives you a handy snapshot of what is included in your package, along with your most recent bill amount.


You can then tap on the navigation icons along the bottom of the screen to get around the app.

Stay in Control

Next up is the Bill page.


It’s easy to keep on top of billing with instant access to your balance, due date and recent charges.

Here you’ll see a summary of all bill related information such as your credit limit, bill amount and payment method. You can see what your bill date is and how much you have left to pay.

You can also make speedy payments anywhere, anytime allowing you to focus on fast internet and sizzling entertainment. Whether you're on holiday, commuting or at the gym, you can easily pay your bill with a tap and a swipe.

Want to understand your bill a bit more? No problem, just tap ‘Understanding your bill’

What’s in your package?

If you need to check the great features included with your Virgin Media package, you can see them all with the app.


If you want more information on any of your services, just tap the relevant icon.

Get by with a little help from your friend

Check the network's service status if the internet goes down, and get instant access to help and handy tips.


If you're experiencing issues with your service you'll be able to check the network status in your area and monitor when any known issues will be fixed.

Our app will help you get the most out of your Virgin Media service with access to help articles, FAQs and handy hints.


If you need help in the right direction, tapping on ‘Help’ will give you a load of helpful topics to choose from – and a link back here to the community if you need an extra helping hand.

What are you waiting for?

Download it now, and let us know here how you’re finding it.

Google Play store | Apple AppStore