Look who's typing

Virgin Media Staff

It can be fairly easy for someone to pretend to be someone else online.

This means that you could possibly end up having conversations with people or companies whose real identities you may not know.

It’s really important to understand how to keep your personal information private and how to identify verified accounts, as this can help reduce the risk of having your information stolen or misused.

Here’s some tips on how to tell when you’re talking to us online – on Twitter, on Facebook and on this Community.


On Twitter there’s a straightforward way to tell if someone is who they say there are. Look for the tick.

That’s us, @VirginMedia with the blue and white ‘verified account’ tick symbol next to our name.


Twitter gives this verified badge to accounts of public interest that it has authenticated ownership of.

The badge is always next to the name on an account page and in searches, and is always in the same place on each account.

We won’t use Twitter’s Messages (also known as DM) to ask you for any account information, but if you do get a message and you’re unsure, our verified badge and @VirginMedia handle will identify us the same as it does on regular tweets. If the handle isn’t @VirginMedia specifically then it isn’t us.



On Facebook they run a similar ‘Verified page’ system.


And again, the blue tick shows that this is our verified account


Here on the Virgin Media Community we try to make things clear.

Where possible you’ll see a picture of the person you’re talking to, their role within our Community Team, and the Virgin Media symbol by their name. We include the most active members on our ‘Good Folk to Know” page. This means you know it’s safe to talk in confidence via Private Message, for example.

LookWhosTalking_3.png LookWhosTalking_4.png

In some cases, Virgin Media staff members and teams use the Community in an official capacity.

You can tell that they are ‘us’ because of the ‘Virgin Media Staff’ rank, and the small Virgin Media symbol by their name. The profile picture can vary.

LookWhosTalking_5.png LookWhosTalking_6.png


Always take the time to check who you’re talking to before giving away any personal information online.

And if you’re think that an online profile isn’t who they say they are – then there’s always a ‘Report’ button to click.

For more information on staying safe – check out our Security Hub.

Advice for parents to keep their children safe online – take a look at the great resources available from Internet Matters

And if you want to talk more about security – then join the conversation in our Stay Safe Online section.