Introducing our Very Insightful Persons

Community Lead

Want to get the lowdown on your bills? Need to know your V6 from your Hub 4? Curious about those top-tips you’re missing out on? You’ve come to the right place! Our staff and members have a wealth of knowledge about all things Virgin Media and between us, we’re more than happy to help with any query you may have.

We’re refining the help you can get from the Virgin Media Community, and we’re proud to introduce our new and improved Very Insightful Persons programme for 2019/20. You may know this band of helpful folk by their previous name, Superusers. They did some amazing work under that name and have really helped to shape the community, helping thousands of you along the way. We wanted to thanks them, and recognise this amazing contribution by giving them a shiny new name and some swag on the community.

Very Insightful Persons (VIPs) are Community members who are recognised for their participation, contribution and general awesomeness on the forum boards. We’re pleased to confirm our line-up for 2019/20:

  • Anankha
  • Apcyberax
  • BenMCR
  • BillC45
  • Dannylau
  • Enlli
  • Ernie_C
  • Graham_A
  • HowardML
  • jem101
  • Kaz1505
  • keithse
  • Kippies
  • Nodrogd
  • Paultechy
  • ravenstar68
  • SCA1972
  • Shafreya
  • -tony-
  • 用心棒


Did You Know?

Our VIPs are instrumental in helping you and making the Community an engaging and informative place to be. Between them they’ve racked up over 170k posts; 16k Helpful Answers and received over 55k Kudos!

VIPs don’t work for Virgin Media but, whether it is broadband or landline, mobile or email, they have the knowledge and first-hand experience to help. They're customers just like you, and use the same Virgin Media services you use on a daily basis. This knowledge and experience makes up such a large part of what keeps the community ticking.

They’re so integral, in fact, that our very own Ernie_C actually joined the Community when it was first launched over 10 years ago. Most of our VIP’s have also been with us since the launch of the first Superuser programme in 2014 and we’re delighted to have them on board for this next chapter.


Learn more about our VIPs

What is a Very Insightful Person?

Very Insightful Persons (VIPs) are Community members who are recognised for their participation, contribution and general awesomeness on the forum boards.


What does a VIP do?

Generally, they do the same as everyone else – use their knowhow and insight to try and help others. They are just really good at it and we want to recognise their contribution. They lend a hand where they can, but don't work for Virgin Media - we recommend that you use your best judgement before following advice posted by our VIPs. There is a lot of good advice but it might not always be right for your situation.


How do I spot a VIP?

Our VIPs are easy to spot on the community, by:

  • The Very Insightful Person rank that shows underneath their username
  • The lightning bolt that shows next to their username
  • The VIP 19/20 badge that shows underneath their profile picture
  • Some of our VIPs are also using a special VIP 19/20 banner

If you’re ever curious about who is and isn’t a VIP, see our VIP Page.


And can I be one too?

The way it works is we invite members to be VIPs after they’ve been noticed and nominated, either by other VIP's, or by our forum team. There’s no application process as such. Just stick around and be yourself.

Joining in

Hello I need to know how to maintain my pay as you go charges at the normal only pay from my top up if and when I use it and not pay for 200 minutes a pay if I make a 1 or 2 minute phone call.

If any VIP can help I would be very grateful and would pass the info on to other mobile phone users.


Best Regards

an impoverished phone user