Introducing our 20/21 VIPs

Community Manager

It’s July, and whilst the summer holidays might look a little different this year, one thing that remains consistent is our Very Insightful Persons programme. July means a new programme year, it’s where we thank our existing VIPs for continuing to be involved, and welcome new members into the fold.

Whether you’re on the forum for the first time, or you’re a regular, you’ll no doubt have seen our VIPs posting advice across the boards. As customers, most of our VIPs started their life on the forums looking for help or support. Over time they’ve come back and started to stand out for the help they give. We award them with VIP status as a way of saying thanks and recognising the great advice they’re giving every day.

Last year was a great year for our VIPs, who contributed over 2,000 Helpful Answers, almost a quarter of all Helpful Answers on the community. On average spent over 15 hours a week offering help wherever they could. I, along with the whole Virgin Media team behind the scenes, couldn’t be more grateful for their contributions.

This year we have an exciting line-up of 23 VIPs as welcome a huge 6 new members to the programme. So, without further ado, here is our full line-up of Very Insightful Persons for 2020/21:

  • Andruser
  • apcyberax
  • BenMcr
  • BillC45
  • dannylau
  • DJ_Shadow1966
  • enlli
  • Ernie_C
  • Graham_A
  • HowardML
  • japitts
  • jb66
  • jbrennand
  • jem101
  • keithse
  • Kippies
  • MissPasko
  • nodrogd
  • paultechy
  • ravenstar68
  • SCA1972
  • -tony-
  • 用心棒

What is a Very Insightful Person?

A Very Insightful Person is a community member just like you. They’ve given their time and knowledge to make the community a better place by providing answers to your questions. Their Very Insightful Person rank is just our way of saying thank you.

What does a VIP do?

Generally, they do the same as everyone else – use their knowhow and insight to try and help others. They lend a hand where they can, but it’s important to remember they are customers just like you, they don’t work for Virgin Media. We recommend that you use your best judgement before following any advice posted by one of our VIPs. There is a lot of good advice but it might not always be right for your situation.

How do I spot a VIP?

Our VIP’s are easy to spot on the community, by:

  • The Very Insightful Person rank that shows beneath their username
  • The lightning bolt that shows next to their username
  • The VIP 20/21 badge that shows underneath their profile picture
  • Some of our VIPs are also using a VIP-specific signature

If you’re ever curious about who is and isn’t a VIP, see our VIP Page.

How can I become a VIP?

At the moment we invite members to be VIPs based on the work they’re already doing in the community. There isn’t an application process as such, just stick around and be yourself.

Dialled in

And looking through some of the posts by some of your VIP members it clearly shows that some of their answers are vague, incorrect or just a statement saying that they don't know.  Possibly done in an effort to boost the number of postings that they make.

Problem sorter

some of them are clearly trolling users too with their responses.

Problem sorter

I’ve noticed that with some of the new VIPs their replies seem to be poor. 😞

Community Manager

Hi @Johninboro @spgray @Anankha 

Sorry to hear that. If you have any specific posts you're concerned about, please feel free to send me a PM so I can act on any issues.


Problem sorter

Will do. 🙂