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Hub 5.jpg

Back in October we announced the launch of the new Hub 5 and we’ll be offering this to customers at no extra cost as part of a phased rollout.

Our next-generation Hub works alongside Virgin Media’s ultrafast broadband network to deliver peak WiFi performance, thanks to WiFi 6.

This latest future-proof WiFi standard, which will work with Virgin Media’s existing DOCSIS 3.1 technology, is designed to power the next-generation of connected devices – including modern smartphones, laptops, tablets and next-gen games consoles.

With this latest technology and even more WiFi antennae than its predecessor, the Hub 5 will be able to support more devices, connecting at the same time, while expanding coverage and stability which improves WiFi performance.

It means the new Hub 5 boasts increased WiFi speeds, lower latency and can help reduce interference from neighbouring hubs and devices.

The Hub 5 has been designed to support multi-gigabit speeds and comes with a 2.5Gbps ethernet port alongside three additional 1Gbps ports.


How can I get a Hub 5? / I’m on Gig1 Fibre and need the Hub 5 to maximise my service

We've started to offer the Hub 5 as standard to new Gig1 customers as well as existing customers without a Hub 4 who upgrade to Gig1. Currently there is no other way to get a Hub 5.

Temporarily, due to stock levels at the end of last year and the start of this year. Some Gig1 customers expecting a Hub 5 may have received a Hub 4 instead. We'll be contacting these Gig1 customers to offer them a Hub 5 via email.

What are the specs?

-Broadband – DOCSIS3.1/3.0 Broadcom 3390S


    • 5xAntennae
    • 4x4 MiMo 5Ghz Broadcom 6715
    • 3x3 MiMo 2.4Ghz Broadcom 6710
    • WiFi 6 (802.11ax)


    • 1x2.5Gbps Broadcom 54991EL
    • 3x1Gbps Broadcom 3390S
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to gillhoose, I have same problems, so changed from 4 to 3, & going back on 4 on the 6th Jan 2022

On hub 3 my wifi is drowned out by next doors, which is why we last went to hub 4.

If someone new came into house, everything locked up, & hub needed reboot, VM blamed everything, on my netgear, hub 4, etc, but they wont let you trial the hub 5.

NO ONE IS EXPLAINING, why VM has spent a fortune on HUB 4, only to replace it so soon.

No one is explaining the exact criteria to trial the bub 5, what is clear you cannot have telephone plugged into the hub 5, & all state it is unreliable, only for new customers ???, & has to be on 1gb speed.   My conclussion, is when they lifted the VM system to one gb, the issue's started, of hubs cutting off, & it may not simply be a HUB fault, but the 1gb new VM equipment issue at exchange .

As per others, contacting VM, C/S faults, they send signal, reboot box, your 20 min wait tel call, is killed., & you have to redial & wait agai, OVER & OVER.    

In any event I want off the telephone into back of the hub, & to revert to hard wired telephone

Executive office, have still not responded to this, as I want it to arbitration. VM Mods, say they wont put you back etc, but its for the VM exec team to answer in email, & go to arbitration.


The hub 3 is not good, the hub 4 is marginally better but still plagued with the same hardware cpu issues that cause latency and jitter. VM haven't spent so much money on the Hub 4 its just the same router they use overseas (Liberty Global) and is just a Arris’s TG3492.

The hub 5 is to replace the hub 4 due to the 2.5gbe port, this coupled with their 2.2gbps trials lead me to believe they will be selling Gig2 as a service and this will require the Hub 5. Hub 4 will very likely still be given to Gig1 customers, I could see them up-selling it to new Gig1 customers to make more $$$.

The issue is something to do with the VoIP system, I don't understand why they are not letting people trial the Hub 5 with a disclaimer saying that some things may not work such as your phone line, it would shut us all up.

The engineer said that he knows of many people that have got the Hub 5 and that some other local techs have some on the van.

I suspect the things like private IP range are likely missing because of bugs and will come back when they are resolved, most attention is likely on fixing the phone line issue.

I suspect that the hub 5 will be the last hub they release for a long while as it will keep up with any new services they have to offer that the competition could drop, it should also work fine with FTTP hybrid.

I want the hub 5 to reduce my god damn latency and jitter and to have one 2.5gbe cable carrying my data rather than 4 using an undocumented part of the modem.

People were ordering the hub 5 when the link was leaked on the forum the mods kept removing the link and then the url was changed. There was then additional technology added which actually checked if you was eligible or not. I know people that used the URL and got the hub 5 on Gig1 local to me.

I think once the phone issue is resolved they will have it as a paid upgrade for existing customers and a freebee for new (or retained). To be honest, when my re-signed 18 months is up I will likely have yet another FTTP provider that is offering 2gbps symmetrical and it will be extremely hard (impossible) to keep me as a customer. I think a lot of people will be in the same position.


There was definitely contention issues when they dropped the Gig1 service, I doubt the issues came from that. I know they were upgrading back hauls and parts of the network to cope just before switching it on. I also know that they had to do some more network upgrades and maintenance as the average latency was all over the place and after they did the works it was drop dead still and thin. This tells me they added an additional fibre node or upgraded the existing fibre lines to a newer technology capable of carrying much more data (similar to the multi-gig standard e.g. the 2.5gbe port - that will be fine on terrible old cat5e over a short distance).

I suspect there is a team in india actively developing software for the hub 5 and its likely a very chaotic and stressful development environment for the developers, there is likely shipping delays, manufacturing problems, developer and hardware team issues and illnesses. This is why its slow to resolve, if they used a UK team it would have been done 20x quicker but at 500x the cost.

The mods and VM team themselves have no idea about the infrastructure they are pushing and they mostly can't tell the difference between an actual fibre line and coaxial. Its all fibre to them.

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 @Lisa_CC Hopefully Gig1 customers get an option to request a Hub 5 soon, heard customers in my Midlands area were getting offered but when I asked about it, I was told that I wouldn't be getting it. 😕😕

@Kei_M wrote:

Hub 5.jpg

Back in October we announced the launch of the new Hub 5 and we’ll be offering this to customers at no extra cost as part of a phased rollout



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Yes I'm on gig1 with hub 4 and WiFi pods and voip have been for the last 18 months seems to work well the intelligent WiFi some times drops on a few devices which can be annoying


Well it cant be worse than the Lump of Lard Virgin call the Hub 3.........can it?

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Ho can I get the superhub 5, I need the Wifi 6 for the devices I test for work. I am happy to pay for it if needs be.


Nobody can get one unless invited, apparently. I also would be willing to pay.

Fibre optic

I would presume that WiFi 6 pods are launched some point  as well with the hub 5 this year hopefully 

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I would like to volunteer myself... although it would just end up sitting in modem-only mode regardless...

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I love how you have copied & pasted from my post (Here:  which the original info was from Mark Jackson at ISPreview.

Just a Shame that you haven't included all the HUB 5 technical specifications. So in effect your not telling people anything New! Well done, Surely community Manager award is in the Bag? :S 

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Hub 4 and the new 5 are still not compatible with Virgins connect app so still cannot manage my family's Internet use. 

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Is this new Hub 5 still using the Puma chipset?

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so had the hub 5 for a few weeks and voip phone wont work and wifi signal is terrible but hub not compatible with virgin wifi boosters..25 minute call with virgin customer service...VM - i can give you a hub 3 which works with wifi -but thats a retrograde step as the hub isnt as good...VM -yes it is ...Me - so why bring out a new HUB.. VM because it has better wifi signal.. me - not in my house it doesn't...VM - oh I cant give you a Hub 3 as it doesnt support 1 gig.. me - so what are yo going to do about my poor wifi coverage ..VM - nothing I can do, Hub 5 has better wifi signal so doenst need - not in my house it doesnt, it doesnt cover half the property..VM - nothing we can do, goodbye.  Do NOT get this hub.  It is rubbish

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You do understand that the hub 5 is still in the trial phase and so problems like this are to be expected? I reckon you knew this when you accepted the invite to trial it and yet here we are.

A product in the trial phase is not going to be perfect. The fact you expected it to work 100% despite this being made clear is really surprising.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@F1TeamLH I've lifted and shifted that from one of our internal documents. It's normal for us to work with journalists so it wouldn't surprise me if we're all using the same source material and kudos to Mark for the story, I know he does some great work in this space 🤗.

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Hi. can someone tel me when its FREE to get one?  

ive got 200 Volt Megs Down and 20Megs up. Got VHub3 


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@ singularity

Sorry but you are totally incorrect in your assumptions.  I was not asked to participate in any trial and the Hub 5 was installed as part of a new installation.  I did not receive any option so it surprises me that VM are installing trial products to new customers without any  notification of this.  I seem to remember being offered high speed connectivity, a phone line and good wifi coverage, none of which has been delivered


@Daddyb8 do you want to sell your Hub 5, ask to be downgraded to Hub 4 then I will buy the Hub 5 from you lol

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:-)...if only they would let me have a hub 4....