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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

What is Digital Resilience? Giving kids a sense of control over their digital livesWhat is Digital Resilience? Giving kids a sense of control over their digital lives

The amount of information, content, and contacts available at our fingertips is growing by the second.

And if this great data sprawl can be at times exciting, confusing, and maybe even a little scary for an adult, imagine the challenges that our children face when they take their first steps into the digital world.

For example, did you know that over a quarter of all 10 year olds have a social media profile? *

Or that only 1 in 8 12 to 15 year-olds who have seen something worrying or nasty online have gone on to report it? *

Introducing Digital Resilience


As technology evolves, it’s important that we have the right support and resources to help our children learn how to explore technology safely.

Working with our partners at Internet Matters, we’d like to introduce you to Digital Resilience – methods and tips to help children prepare for any issues they may face on line, and how to learn and recover from them.

We’ve put together got some great guides for parents of children of all age groups that we’ll feature during the week.

Advice for parents of children aged 6-10

Advice for parents of children aged 11-13

To start with, here’s psychologist and Internet Matters’ resident expert ambassador Dr Linda Papadopoulos to explain “What is Digital Resilience?”

Find out More


There’s some incredibly useful content over on the Internet Matters website that you can explore if you’d like more advice on building your child’s digital resilience.

We’ll be featuring more content each day, and you can always talked all things security in our Switched On Families forum



*Source: Ofcom Children’s and parents’ media use and attitudes 2017