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Hi, ever since VM did work in my area a few weeks back my internet speeds seemed to have suffered drastically, it first sat around 500mb after the work was completed but now just sits around 80-100mb 99% of the time. I've done multiple router reboots...
Last week VM did work in my area, net went down for few hours. Since its been back up, my speeds seem to have been capped to 100mb and not the 1gig i pay for. Adding to that an ip check also seems to show my ip being apart of VM in Telford, consideri...
VM did work in my area last week and it looks like they added a 3.1 upstream channel to fix utilisation issues. Was working well btu today something seems to have gone very wrong. 3.0 Downstream channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Mo...
3 years this has been going on - Orpington Area. I get ping psikes constantly throughtout the day but it just peaks in the evening between 6-12pm (depedning on day) and packet loss creeps in and i am unable ot even sit in a VOIP call let alone think ...