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Hi allI could see similar posts but not quite the same situation I am in.I returned home today to discover a letter from O2 saying I owe £24.98. The letter is a notice of full service restriction and states it I do not pay they will disconnect the de...
HelloI hope someone can help me. While I continue to struggle with VM in another thread over the stability of my upload, things have been the best they ever have been, so I decided to attempt to install the ASUS ZenWiFi AX I bought 6 weeks ago. Howev...
Hi, I have had Gig1 for a couple of months now. I went in with my eyes open so am aware the Wi-fi performance of VM’s hubs is poor and that the best thing to do is sort out your own solution and have the hub in modem mode.From a little research it se...
Hi AllApologies for the silly question. I have just had a Hub 4 installed and am getting TV, broadband and telephone. I don’t have a telephone yet but apparently it just needs to be connected to the Hub 4. I had a quick search to no avail but is ther...
Hi AllI had TV, Broadband and Phone installed yesterday. I have taken the Ultimate Oomph Bundle and opted for Gig1 as it was available.I tested the speed while the engineer was here and got between 200-281 Mbps over Wi-Fi to my iPhone. I asked the en...
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