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bb not increased in speed

Tuning in

phoned up to report a fault and was sucked into volt , o2 sim all sorted but was under impression my bb would go from 200mb to 350mb , sadly still at 200mb , wonder if i need a new modem although lady assured me current one would be ok.


Alessandro Volta

what hub do you have - how are you testing wired or wifi

try a full reset - post the config file to confirm what speed is set in the hub


Sacked VIP

wired to router in modem mode , white modem , tried reset



that could be problem

 PXL_20220607_114340773 (1).jpg

Alessandro Volta

its a hub3 so is ok for 350 - post the config file

log into hub3 - [or if in modem mode] - DON'T SIGN IN, click - click router status [centre of screen] - and post the config page

again how are you testing wired or wifi - always test wired

if its a volt upgrade - i.e. it can take a while for the VM side to kick in 


Sacked VIP

deffo wired


General Configuration

Network access
Maximum Number of CPEs
Baseline Privacy
Config file

Primary Downstream Service Flow

Max Traffic Rate230000061 think this problem !!
Max Traffic Burst42600
Min Traffic Rate0

Primary Upstream Service Flow

Alessandro Volta

as you say thats the problem you are still on 200 - so try another reset - hold the button a good 30 sec and see if that changes

if not you need to give them a ring - as i said if its a volt upgrade there are posts on here saying it can take 14 days to happen but there are others that say it was forgotten so you need to check


Sacked VIP

Hi enceladus

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community. 

I am very sorry for any delays in getting the upgrade. I would like to check this for you so I am going to pop you over a private message. This will be available via the purple envelope on the top right of this page. 

Speak soon,





Hi enceladus,

Thanks for joining us on PM and allowing us to sort it for you 🙂

If you do ever need us, please pop us a post on here and we can assist further.


Forum Team

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