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Upgrade from Netflix standard to Netflix premium

Fibre optic

Did you know that if you upgrade your Netflix from the Standard streaming plan that is included within you Volt package to the Netflix Premium streaming plan, Virgin make you pay the full £15.99 on top of your Volt package rather than the 'top up' of £5 between the standard and premium plans.

I am sure I read somewhere (maybe I was dreaming) that you just pay the additional cost. Has anyone else seen this or indeed has anyone else seen any small print anywhere stating that you make your Netflix standard subscription that is included within void if you upgrade the plan.


Fibre optic

By thye way I also saved the full transcript of the call I had with the Virgin agent. In it it clearly states

'however the only free Netflix subscription for your service is the standard one. What we need to do here now is to change this premium service to standard to avoid being charge.'

'I am so sorry for that confusion but we only offer free standard and more than that you will be charge for the full amount since suddenly Netflix change there prices.

'Our package comes with Netflix standard, if you opt to get the premium then you will be charge for the full amount of the service.'


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I have upgraded to the premium service and received my first bill from VM. I have been billed for an extra £5.00. I joined by receiving an e-mail from VM inviting me to have NetFlix added. I received the second (mythical) e-mail and followed the instructions.Which process did you follow , as how to get the correct subscription rate may  depend upon this ? There are multiple threads which have been posted stating that they cannot get the headline rate for the standard to Premium upgrade.

I signed up via email. The Netflix premium was £5 extra a month.

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