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Two months and still no speed boost

Joining in

Hi All

I received my 02 Volt 2 boost on the 20th of April and as of today I have not had a boost to my internet.

Every one I speak to want to charge me extra to up my internet speed. Getting the to speak to someone in complaint is impossible.  

How the hell do I get this sort???



Joining in

Just to update everyone. I had a chat with someone on twitter and acording to him I am not entilted to a speed boost because i'm already on volt thus my boost has already be applied.

Funny how I'm on the same speed as before I renewed and i renewed in March 2022 but Volt wasn't anounced until the 8th of April 2022.

I will now be contacting the Advertising Standard Agency as nowhere on Virgin's website does it say boosts are dependent on what package you are on, it just states.

"Supercharged data & broadband speeds Double data on every eligible O2 Pay Monthly plan in your household. Plus a Virgin Media broadband speed boost to the next tier (if you don’t already have the fastest speeds you can get in your area)."

Liars, fakers and charlatans the lot of them. 


I've had a similar problem. The whole Volt thing seems overly complicated and confusing, and really badly implemented, but it is a good offer.

I've managed to get my situation fixed by ringing Virgin, navigating the ridiculous multiple-choice phone system (I went for I had a broadband fault option....), when you get through explain you've joined Volt but your broadband speed hasn't been increased, the first line rep may try and fix this at the first level of customer service, this first line agent will probably fail, and will need to transfer you to retentions. You will likely have to wait on hold for a long time, once you are through to retentions they should be able to sort out your problem, you will need to explain it again, this absolutely should not involve you paying more.

I think these folks are hearing this a lot as the whole Volt implementation seems completely messed up, the main thing is you need to know is that you should be on the Volt breed of broadband at the speed you expect after your increase not the package you were on before applying the Volt benefit, confusing, right?

Very long story short, ring VM be prepared to calmly explain your situation a couple of times and sit on the phone a (long) while and they should sort it, perfect no, but at the end of the day they do fix it.

Hi cjwhitehall, 

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community and for updating the thread. 

We are very sorry for the issues you have face with the Volt speed boost and we want to assure you , we are here to help. 

On checking things from our side, I see you have bee speaking with my colleague John who has raised this with our management team for assistance. John is currently awaiting an update and will reach out to you within the specified time frame to discuss further.

Thank you for your patience and please get in touch if we can assist further. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi cjwhitehall

Thanks for joining me on PM and allowing me to resolve this for you.

Do pop back if you ever need any further help


Forum Team

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