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No Netflix Activation

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I have no Netflix on my account. I have raised a complaint 3 times now and VM resolve the complaint without rectifying the problem. You say the Netflix should be working but it isn’t and 3x I have tried to resolve with your online chat team as suggested and 3x they have escalated as unable to fix at the time, promising me that it will be resolved a few days later. This has been happening for over a month now and still no resolution. Your automated responses telling me I should have received an activation (I haven’t), I need to go to myVirginmedia to access (it’s not there), stating I need to contact you in a live environment via your chat team (have done this 3x and I am just given false promises and nothing happens). Why can’t you just look into the problem with the Netflix activation on my account seriously and sort it? I have been paying for this service for over a month now and you are not supplying it. I have spent literally hours trying to resolve this with you via the online chat or raising complaints but continually no fix. You just send apologies and tell me how important my issue is to you and yet you still do nothing to attempt to contact my by phone as requested and rather just fob me off! I am at my wits end with your incompetence Virgin. This issue is such a simple thing to fix but you seem incapable or unwilling to look into it properly and resolve. Anyone know what I am supposed to do? Sorry to rant but your customer service is driving me crazy.


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Have you read any of the other thousands of posts on here on this subject ?

This has been an issue that they have not resolved over the last six months , you are not alone !

Unfortunately you may still have along wait..

You need the activation email , and it seems a lottery as to who gets it and how long it takes!

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I've been lucky so far., however my dad had the activation originally and netflix worked for a few months then it disappeared 😂

Been 3 months and not sorted, however Virgin do give a £10 discount to his account so he can subscribe to netflix separately.