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New Contract & Netflix

Joining in

Hi there,

I just agreed to another 18 month contract which has now included standard netflix.

I was told i would get an email explaining how i can activate netflix but i never got one. I chased this up on a live chat and was told to go to the Netflix app and register with the email address that i have on my Virgin Media account.

I did this and it worked ok and showed me different plans, I selected the Standard plan but it shows £10.99 billed to Virgin Media. This has me slightly concerned as i was told it was free and included.

One other thing to mention is on my Virgin Media account in the entertainment section it still shows me the option to 'Activate' Netflix, When i click this it just gives me an error.

I think some clarification would help me understand what has gone on, Would having a netflix account previously already signed in caused the confusion?

Hope to hear back, Thank you.


Joining in

I should also note that due to information given on the live chat I have signed up with the wrong email.

it says I can change it but due to the issue of the virgin website saying activate Netflix it’s not giving me the options. 

could someone help please? 

Hi there @Mejjo203 

Thank you so much for post and welcome back to the forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your Netflix. Can I ask what error you see when you click the activate button? 

Can I also ask if you signed up for the Netflix account or just viewed the packages?

Hi Ashleigh,

so I agreed the new contract, I was told I would have an email within 24hr telling me how to sort Netflix.

After the 24hr I went on the live chat and they told me to register on the Netflix app on virgin and use the same email address that’s on my VM account.

the issue I have is I have since found out that I could of used my other email address which already has my Netflix profile info on etc..

I was told I can change this in VM but I can’t get passed the error when I click activate Netflix. It says just a moment while we redirect you to Netflix and then says there was an error and to try again later. It has been like this since day 1 

Just a little update,

The activate netflix has gone and it now says manage Netflix, The only issue i have is the netflix is linked to the wrong email address as i was told to do it this way over the live chat.

Is it possible to get this linked to my other email which already has a netflix account so i can keep all profiles etc?

Hi Mejjo203,

Thank you for reaching back out, if Netflix is already set up separately from the one set up with Virgin we wouldn't be able to merge them, you would be best speaking to Netflix.