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Netflix - The big bundle lie

Tuning in

Well… after over several loyal years with Virgin, so disappointed with current service levels around resolving a new package that you recommended and then didn’t deliver on. 

I’ve emailed, phoned and chatted several times with the same answer. 
“We will email you a Netflix activation link again”.  
Package signed up in March 2022, and it’s now June 2022 and still no Netflix. 

Like most, getting the usual ‘promises of a fix’, and ‘we are working on it’, and ‘it’s complicated’ we had an issue. 

Considering I pay for the top package - how hard can it be for someone to active Netflix and send me a link to use it? (Please don’t tell me for the 100th time it IS active as it is not visible on my online account). 

Did anyone ever get VM to fix their issue? Amazed you can offer something that doesn’t get given in terms of contract. 

Simply - fed up!

Knew I should have switched to sky when contract ended. 


Fibre optic

Hey, even if they do sort you out (and my Netflix account clearly states it is handled by Virgin media plus it is itemised within my Virgin media contract) Virgin like to charge you ON TOP of your contract for Netflix. I'm awaiting my 3rd bill since I switched from Ooomph to Volt, the first one showed an extra £10.99 charge for Netflix and the last one shows £15.99 as I upgraded Netflix to the UHD package. I have been 'assured' by Virgin CS that the cost will now be included within my contract price. We will see.

They've got me by the short and curlies though. I need a decent broadband speed for work and also there are two others in the house who work from home regularly. My alternative is back to 'normal' broadband and a top speed of around 45-55mbps

On our wavelength

I’m still paying and still waiting, I was given a ticket number on here 3 weeks ago and told someone would be in touch within 3-5 days but that’s the last I heard from him.

Forum Team
Forum Team

We're sorry to hear of that you have been effected by this Netflix issue @MXmaster.

Can you please confirm if we've been able to raise an IT ticket for your account to have this working for you as expected?

Have we perhaps advised you that this has been fixed, before the advice of using the activate button within your self-care account?

Kindest regards,


Hi there,

I opened a ticket with IT (C-0906221690). 
as per usual though - got a generic response to call the 0345 help number to resolve the issue (this was the reply). 
Call and then get stuck as per previous message with the usual ‘give it 48hrs’ or ‘IT will DEFINITELY email you within a week with activation’. 

So in short - still no further forward. 
Keep getting my tickets passed from pillar to post - and just praying, one day, I find the one operator in Virgin that isn’t reading from a screen and actually knows how to send an activation email to me. 

@MXMaster - and there was I thinking I was the special one getting those generic emails 😁


As we are getting nowhere fast with this issue (especially on here) I have fired off emails to various addresses that may or may not get answers on behalf of all the people with a similar problem 


I will advise if I get anywhere


Don't forget to check your spam folder for any replies 😁

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

Hi @MXmaster,

Thank you for expanding on this. I am really sorry to hear that you've been waiting on a Netflix activation email for so long.

To confirm, are you saying that there isn't an Activate button on your My Virgin Media online account? This can be used instead of the activation email.


Zach - Forum Team
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As everybody keeps posting , we have not got activation buttons !

We are now starting week 13 of this fiasco , that is a quarter of a year !!!

A quarter of a year to solve an IT problem - who would believe it could take this long , or longer ???

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes