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Missing Netflix activation email

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I switched my account to a Ultimate Volt account 2 weeks ago and was told I'd receive an email to activate the Netflix account. I have still not received this, meaning I'm paying for something I am unable to access.

How can I get this activated asap?



Tuning in

I’m 3 months in the same situation, no closer to solving it

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi craggyuk, 

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Community. 

I am very sorry for any delays in getting the service activated. 

Can you please login on your online account and check for the Netflix icon. If it is showing, can you confirm if the activate button is showing below? 




Hi there the activate button is showing. When I click on it it spins round for a while and then gives the following error

Sorry, something’s gone wrong! We’re having some technical issues. Please try again later.







Hi craggybuk,

Thank you for reaching back out to us, sorry to see you were still unable to activate Netflix Via the button on your Online Account due to it just spinning.

If the same is still happening can you try registering Via your set top box, if you already have Netflix signed in then sign out first, try with a different Email, once registered you should choose Standard @£10.99 per Month unless you are paying the difference for premium, once you get to the payment options it should give to option pay Via Virgin Media, select that option.



On our wavelength

Thanks for the reply.


I get to where it says 10.99 billed via virgin media. The option I then have is start membership. This looks as if I will be expected to pay.

Any suggestions?


I did everything correctly and still got charged by VM. I've got a complaint in with VM. The Customer Representative suggested to me that she could not see why it would be free even after I confirmed that I had an email FROM VM telling me it was free and that I could subscribe for free.

Really, really poor from VM and more than just a little disappointing.

There were no managers in the office and they cannot call me back tomorrow (I've no intention of waiting on the phone for 45 minutes again) as they cannot make outgoing calls.

Who is the customer here? Good grief.....


Hi craggybuk, 

Thanks for confirming this. If it does indeed charge you then we can always refund this as a credit to your Virgin Media account. 

Please give it a try as if this fails, we will need to raise an IT Ticket for them to resolve this for you. 

Keep us posted. 


Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Thanks for the reply. Surely there is a process to do this properly. Knowing how fruitless this is proving to be, I am reluctant to start a subscription where I start paying as it could take forever to be refunded

@AndrewN1 wrote:


There were no managers in the office and they cannot call me back tomorrow (I've no intention of waiting on the phone for 45 minutes again) as they cannot make outgoing calls



Oh 'no managers in the office' well it is a Sunday but still that's a new one, in the past the blatant lies reasons as reported on here as being told by customer (dis)service have been 'all the managers are in a meeting', 'every single manager at VM is on vacation', 'VM doesn't have any managers' (that one might actually be true), 'the managers are all outside the building and are refusing to come in(!)'

Bottom line, the customer service 'team' regularly lie to customers to cover up VM's systemic failures to have an effective, well, any customer service provision. Now whether or not that is mandated by head office or just 'strongly hinted at doing' by their outsourced call centre managers - well who can tell?

But, of course, I am joking. Naturally VM's call centres are staffed by properly trained people, who wouldn't dream of misleading or outright lying to customers, would they? And no doubt a member of the forum team will jump into this thread and confirm this statement as being true.

Won't they.........?