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Mis-sold Virgin Media renewal contract without O2 which should be included

Tuning in


I've read a number of posts about the similar situation I'm in.  I didn't know that this had happened when I re-contracted last year but the customer service I'm receiving is beyond terrible.

7th January 2023, I was browsing my Virgin Media account and saw an option about upgrade etc. so I clicked it, I saw a list of what was included in my current package and saw a sim mentioned, it didn't register until I looked down and was being offered a renewal of my contract for less than I'm paying now and it clearly mentioned the O2 similar being included, I took screen grabs at the time as this offer has since disappeared.

As a result of the above I spent over a hour and 4 customer service calls (some being transferred) which included VM, O2, VM and VM Customer Relations.

The final person of that day was very helpful, spoke to their supervisor, came back and admitted I'd been misinformed when I was told I had to add O2 sim separately as it wasn't included in the package and that it would be put through as a complaint and I would hear from someone in email within 48 hours.  They also mentioned that they would request compensation, I asked for a minimum of a refund for the O2 package I've been paying for since around February 2022.  I asked about the O2 direct debit as I knew that was upcoming and they told me they saw it on the system and not to worry as they would cancel it.

I didn't hear back and due to being busy and not ringing back I only just rang back earlier today (10 days later) and again the person I spoke to (VM Retention team) as the selection on the automated transfer system is a nightmare, was friendly and tried to help.  They accepted again as the previous VM Reps that I had been mis sold/misinformed and after speaking to their supervisor could arrange the refund but I would need to repackage and I couldn't have compensation as it had been so long.

I was open to the possibility of repackaging and told them this, then they started to mention a disconnection fee.  This immediately made me realise I wasn't getting anywhere, I politely thanked him for his time, I told him that it was obvious he was limited in how he could help me and that maybe the next person I spoke to tomorrow would be able to help me further, he said he understood, said goodbye and I ended the conversation.

After doing my research I came across this forum and I see many conversations about similar situations, just that I've been oblivious to it and had accidentally stumbled on the fact I was paying VM for a package which clearly shows that it includes the (double) minutes O2 sim and that I was paying O2 for the same O2 package I was meant to be receiving.

I've since noticed on my direct debits that my VM (not O2) direct debit has been cancelled with the bank which just adds to the overall problem.

So to summarise, I'm paying for a O2 sim directly to O2 at the same time as an O2 sim is included within my VM package because I was wrongly told it wasn't included, VM Representatives have admitted to the issue but don't seem to be able to resolve it, I'm hoping someone can help advise me. I've not read all the various conversations related to this subject so I accept the answer maybe in there but do VM Reps read this and help with customers issues?

Thank you in advance.


Tuning in

Hi everyone,

There is a chance that if you're reading this you are in a similar situation I found myself in, the details are in my original post.

I wanted to reply to my own post today because I received the cheque for £159 (£12 x 12 months so far) and I will be receiving a credit to my Virgin Media account for £12 a month for the remaining 6 months of the 18 month contract. They refused to pay the £13.40 in full because the contract was for £12 for the O2 side of things which I was wrongly paying and that the price had increased last April in line with blah blah blah.. and I'm sure it'll increase again in April 2023 before I'm fully out of this contract.  I also received on top of the £144 (£12 x 12), £15 compensation.  So, spread the word, if you were sold a Volt package which claims to include O2 and originally it was sold to you without and you're paying O2 separately then you're equally entitled to a refund due to being overcharged, I'm not an expert or guarantee that statement but it maybe worth chasing it up based on my experience and something you can point them to this post.  Keep in mind also that I'd also had the offer from the O2 Manager to cancel my O2 contract without any cancellation fee and £80 compensation (but no refund).  I would have liked the extra £1.40 because my contract was for Virgin Media Volt at £62 for 18 months, not "£12 of this will increase in April due to price increases." but I have achieved as much as I can from this.

I will now wait until the Fibre internet provider I registered interest in, to contact me to let me know its now ready so that I can leave Virgin Media behind.

Good luck everyone and thank you for reading.