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Mis-sold O2 SIM with OOOmph upgrade

Joining in

Good evening all.  Does anyone have any experience of rectifying a mis-sold O2 sim card.  My OOmph contract was up in Jan 2022, I rang Virgin and they offered me the same deal again, but called Volt.  I was informed clearly on the phone that the ONLY change was the SIM data was with O2 and no longer unlimited, by 250GB, the price would remain the same at £89.00


To my surprise, I have now been signed up to a £27.00/month O2 sim.

The virgin Whatsapp team are pretty unhelpful, and I am requesting a recording of my phone call with virgin.  There is some dishonest practice at work and reading some of the comments, I dont seem to be the only person to have suffered from this horrid practice. I'm now stuck in the middle with "you need to contact O2 about this" and waiting for 2 hours on hold to the virgin customer services team.  

Does anyone have any guidance or suggestions for this?

Kind regards



I got in touch with Citizens Advice and explained the situation and told them to look at these forums. They believe that we have indeed been miss sold these contracts and have now put a complaint through to Trading Standards

Nothing lasts forever....

Moved to talk mobile. Better signal. No fuss changing over. Everything works straight away. Cheaper. Only hassle was trying to actually get my PAC code from Virgin. Messed me about for over half an hour on the phone , trying to tell me my rubbish signal was down to a mast fault that would be repaired soon. Utter rubbish as my signal has been rubbish since the move to the O2 mast. Then told me I would have to call again after I had been migrated after keeping me on the phone for half an hour. Sorry Virgin you have sold your souls to the devil getting involved with O2 and your telephone service is atrocious.