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Mis-sold O2 SIM with OOOmph upgrade

Joining in

Good evening all.  Does anyone have any experience of rectifying a mis-sold O2 sim card.  My OOmph contract was up in Jan 2022, I rang Virgin and they offered me the same deal again, but called Volt.  I was informed clearly on the phone that the ONLY change was the SIM data was with O2 and no longer unlimited, by 250GB, the price would remain the same at £89.00


To my surprise, I have now been signed up to a £27.00/month O2 sim.

The virgin Whatsapp team are pretty unhelpful, and I am requesting a recording of my phone call with virgin.  There is some dishonest practice at work and reading some of the comments, I dont seem to be the only person to have suffered from this horrid practice. I'm now stuck in the middle with "you need to contact O2 about this" and waiting for 2 hours on hold to the virgin customer services team.  

Does anyone have any guidance or suggestions for this?

Kind regards



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @evaporator 

You should already be on the O2 network,  and should be able to tell which radio network you're connected to by doing a manual network search.

VM are also about to start moving VM mobile customers over to O2 plans. 

Info about the migration which includes the highlighted text below is from 

This represents a key pillar in Virgin Media O2’s integration, with the first stage of this plan completed at the end of last year when the entire Virgin Mobile base transferred over to using the O2 network

There are more details about the move

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I am a virgin mobile customer. Not o2 so why should I be on O2 already? I cancelled my contact with 02 and went back to virgin. Only to now find out all that was in vain 😱

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@evaporator wrote:

I am a virgin mobile customer. Not o2 so why should I be on O2 already? I cancelled my contact with 02 and went back to virgin. Only to now find out all that was in vain 😱

Virgin mobile is a Virtual Network and is now part on VMO2 (Virgin Media O2). The first stage of the merger was to move all Virgin Mobile customers onto the O2 network for signal. The second phase is to move those customers onto O2 completely 

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Would have cut up free sim and gone back to ee.... 25 quid for basically no data, poor texts and patchy calls is rubbish but I was told.the reception indoors and outdoors at my postcode was excellent well when you look at the checker it isn't...

My Broadband Ping - Virgin

So is this why I can’t get a very good signal in my house anymore?

That’s it then. I’ve been struggling for weeks now and this is the reason!!! Looks like a visit to uswitch. I can’t believe this, why oh why have they done this. What a pain changing yet again.

here's some background information on which networks Virgin Mobile used before they switched to o2. Basically rather than "piggy back" on other networks, by switching all Virgin Mobile customers to o2 it will be a seamless change as they are already o2 customers in all but name.

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Nothing lasts forever....

I now have to walk into the street to make phone calls from my mobile. Can they help with that.? At the end of the day nobody listens or does anything about poor service anymore. Who cares, there’s plenty more mugs in the sea. All you can do is suck it up and move on. Or put up and shut up. O2 are just a poor service provider who we have now been swapped to from a service that I was happy with. I’ll just move on when the time comes. 



I just did this. I have posted a separate question re cancelling the O2 part of the deal, but reading this answered that.

Took maybe 2 minutes on the phone. But it appears I will be migrating to O2 via my Virgin Mobile deal sometime this year anyway....