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Mis-sold O2 SIM with OOOmph upgrade

Joining in

Good evening all.  Does anyone have any experience of rectifying a mis-sold O2 sim card.  My OOmph contract was up in Jan 2022, I rang Virgin and they offered me the same deal again, but called Volt.  I was informed clearly on the phone that the ONLY change was the SIM data was with O2 and no longer unlimited, by 250GB, the price would remain the same at £89.00


To my surprise, I have now been signed up to a £27.00/month O2 sim.

The virgin Whatsapp team are pretty unhelpful, and I am requesting a recording of my phone call with virgin.  There is some dishonest practice at work and reading some of the comments, I dont seem to be the only person to have suffered from this horrid practice. I'm now stuck in the middle with "you need to contact O2 about this" and waiting for 2 hours on hold to the virgin customer services team.  

Does anyone have any guidance or suggestions for this?

Kind regards



Good luck with that... It all needs reporting to whichever desired agency to investigate.
Nothing lasts forever....

We’ll, I’m another poor sod who as been conned into this.

Ive had a relatively trouble free service from VM and predecessors for over 30 years and if I’m honest, have trusted them to supply my broadband, landline, TV for virtually all that period. When SIM cards came into the equation, that’s where problems have cropped up.

I was previously on Oomph VM bundle but moved house 3 weeks ago. Like a good conscientious customer I contacted VM 30 days before my move. Initially to cancel contract completely, while I contemplated whether to ‘start again’ with VM, or move to the ‘dark side’ with SKY.

Whilst on the phone (end of Oct), I was assured I could switch my existing bundle at a much reduced cost (£156 down to £98) if I took out a new 18 month contract. After 18 months, monthly payment would increase to around £130. I was prepared to accept this. You need as much outgoing savings per month when moving house!!

As for the o2 SIM card that came with the new Volt contract? I was told the £25 monthly cost would kick in after the initial 18 month discount period. Again, fair enough, I could always renegotiate the cost in 18 months.

Thought it odd when o2 bill arrived more or less straight away, even though my VM contract would still run until 25 Nov AND the install at new address couldn’t be done until 8th December!!

TV and Broadband now working OK despite the “downgrade” of functionality with TV360. That is what it is and I’ll have to adapt to it because I’ve read elsewhere there’s ‘no turning back’ with TV360.

The o2 mis-sell though is another matter!! I’ll be on the phone first thing tomorrow to hear what excuses VM and/or o2 give me on what has, imo, been a complete misrepresentation of what was originally sold to me. I have names, dates, notes on what was said in previous calls. They can’t be allowed to get away with this. It’s mis-selling at best, fraud at worst. 

Not a happy camper!!!

You will get a private message and some twaddle that they aren't privy to the telephone conversation

Nothing lasts forever....

Hey bones1958,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your new contract from us and O2, I can see that you have spoken to the team about this issue since you last posted.

Have the team been able to offer any further advice to get this resolved or have they referred you to O2 to look into this?

Kind Regards,


Hi @Steven_L

With undergoing a recent house move, I’ve had other important tasks to do. The O2 SIM charge was least of my problems because my VM Oomph SIM was still operational. I’ve now switched SIM to O2 and gone through the PAC process to retain my VM number.

I phoned VM customer services on 150. Spoke to who I thought was a credible female rep with an Irish accent, who said she would refer my enquiry to her manager to see if the £25 could be credited back and also find out if it could be cancelled going forward, then phone me back to advise. She never did - surprise, surprise!!

I haven’t raised this with O2 - yet - because I get the distinct impression I will get nowhere with them.

Bottom line is, I don’t want an “overpriced” £25 per month SIM card from O2, thatgives me as it turns out, poor reception, especially as my previous VM SIM was effectively free as part of the Oomph Bundle, and more so because I was promised by Louise on 25 October when I had to cancel my existing account due to the upcoming house move. She convinced me, I would have the exact same package under the heading of Volt Ultimate and at a reduced monthly cost because I was effectively starting afresh as a ‘new’ customer who was eligible for the 18 month discounted price.

And don’t get me started on the absolute mess of changing Account numbers, nor the fact I can no longer use any of the VM Apps because “I have been disconnected”. I know that!!! I was left with no choice if I wanted to continue with VM. After roughly 30 years of being a customer, I thought your transfer process would be straightforward!! Silly me. How wrong I was.

One bright spot though. In one of the few phone calls I’ve made this week, I did manage to request a Wi-Fi Pod. It arrived in the post today (Thurs 21st) as promised. Hopefully that will make a difference to the weak area in the new house.


Hi bones1958,

Thanks for the update on this. It seems there are a few problems to tackle here. In regard to any O2 pricing, we cannot amend these or credit these from our side, as whilst Virgin Media and O2 have merged, our teams do not have access to their tools, just yet. As a result, we wouldn't be able to adjust the cost of the SIM directly - you'd need to discuss any changes to your O2 SIM prices with their Customer Service Teams.

In regard to your Account Number and My Virgin Media, when moving or signing up for services at a new address, you will always receive an Account Number - this is because they are specific to each area and property, and assigned at the point of account creation. 

Your My Virgin Media would also be assigned to your previous account for a specific period of time (between 30 and 90 days), and this would be advised when logging in. Once the MyVM account has been removed, you should be able to register as normal - you can also register at any point with an alternative email.


Reece - Forum Team

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Thanks Reece.

A combination of Xmas and being absolutely floored with flu for the best part of 10 days has meant I’ve neglected doing more about this.

I’ll contact O2 about the SIM card price. 

I have the new account number for my new address. Why can’t I use my ‘’ email address to register for MyVM with the new account? Seems bizarre but if another email address is needed, looks like I’ll have to bite the bullet and do that.

Question though. What happens to my wife’s blueyonder email address? It was created years ago as a sub email address under the original VM account number. Please, please, please don’t tell me she will have to create a new email address!! She’ll never understand why, far less me trying to explain it to her!!!

Depending on success of trying to reregister for the VM apps, I may update this thread. However, with the “assistance”(?) I’ve had so far on the 150 number, my expectations are not high it will go well!!

Cheers B

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @bones1958 

Hope you are settling into your new home.

As part of the home move process VM can/should have performed a move and transfer for your details across from the old account to the new one.

The home move team normally process this. You could give them a call and ask them to do this for you.

I'm surprised that the Forum Staff didn't offer to do this for you, hopefully one of them will pick this up again in the next couple of days and help.

If they don't do the move  and transfer then all of the old email addresses should be cancelled after 90 days

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To add insult to injury


Virgin Mobile (on O2 signal)
Ends Mon 9 Jan
20GB for '£5.50/month': You pay £8/month, but you can CLAIM a £30 Amazon voucher. Factor that in and it's equivalent to £5.50/month over the 12-month contract.
Nothing lasts forever....

I was also sold it as you will pay 86 pounds a month and your free virgin sim will be with o2. Nothing was mentioned about a 25 month contract and I am now also in a situation where the o2 mast by me does not work and has been faulty since September so I don't get o2 service anyhow and they won't do anything about it until the problem is fixed.

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