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Tuning in

Hi 🙂

I recently signed up for o2 pay monthly, as I was already with them on PAYG and figured the Volt benefits were worth having.

I haven't received any info from either virgin or o2 about Volt benefits as yet, and I believe it should be an automatic process.

I believe the problem stems from the address that is registered to my Virgin account, but I am not finding an option to amend my address anywhere.

When I moved into the house, there was a Virgin box on the wall in the living room, so I was pleased to see I could get Virgin Broadband. When I went to sign up for it, I was told that my address wasn't able to receive Virgin Broadband, which was somewhat puzzling, due to the house already being connected. My house was previously part of another house (like an annexe), but my part has now been sold to my parents. The address on the account is the address for the main house, despite the actual connection being made to my house (which has always had it's own address) so there was some confusion in getting set up, but I was told the address would be amended to what it should be. 

How do I go about getting the address updated to reflect where I actually live? I don't really want to spend ages on hold, so it would be good if there was a way that avoided this if at all possible


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Sisty88,

Thank you for reaching back out to us, is you property now connected with a separate service from the main house, do you get a bill with a separate account number?



Hi Paul,

The main house isn't connected at all, just mine. I do have my own account number, but the address associated with the account is the main house, because that's how they originally signed up for Virgin Media (they used to rent out the annexe, and I think they included bills in the rent, so just used their main address).


I did explain all this when I first signed up, and was told the address would be amended, but it doesn't appear to have happened.

The difference in address is basically just the house name, as the number is still the same as the main house.


Hi Sisty88, 

Thanks for your post and it's great having you in the Community. 

In order to benefit from Volt, you would need to log in to your online O2 account and opt in to the benefits. Some checks would be made in the background and the O2 data boost is applied first followed by the speed boost on your Virgin Media connection 14 days later. 

When logging in to your O2 account, does it give you the option to opt in? If not, please pop back here and let us know so we can take a further look at this for you. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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I don't have the option to opt in, and I believe the reason is because the addresses don't match (O2 gives me the option to change my address on the page that comes up, but it isn't the O2 address that is incorrect). If you search my actual address on virgin media, it says that virgin media is not available at my property, however that is obviously incorrect, as I already have it installed and working perfectly.

If you could help me update my address to reflect where I actually live, I think that would solve the problem.