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HUB 5 - not received

On our wavelength

Hi I recently upgraded to Virgin Volt and was told that I will be getting the new Hub 5 with the new package, as my old hub will not give me the speed that the Volt package requires. As of yet I have not received anything and it been nearly two months. My old Hub which I had for about 4 years is starting to play up and dropping connections and we have to keep restarting the hub which is very annoying as it take ages for the hub to restart/reboot. Any help on this matter would be gratefully appreciated.



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


On our wavelength

Good luck. I've been waiting since February and had to raise a complaint. Guess what? Complaint has been outstanding for over a month.

Dialled in

The Hub 5 is still in trial phase. Are you sure it's a Hub 5 not a Hub 4? Even so, they are fobbing customers off with the "out of stock" excuse and I'm unsure how true that is. I would recommend ringing them or waiting for a forum mod to pick this up to clarify what's going on.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi davecox, 

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. Sorry for any confusion over the SH5. This is still in our soft launch phase so currently if you have upgraded your services to our 1GB BB you will receive a SH4 at this present time.

Please make sure that your email is up to date and opted in to marketing communications as when this becomes available, you can opt in, however we do have to advise there are no guarantees. 

Sorry for any confusion relating to this matter.

Kind regards Jodi.