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Adding Netflix

Tuning in


I have upgraded to volt and trying to add Netflix.

Using my virgin media app - I click streaming it then brings up the attached picture, but the link does not work.

if I try and sign up on the tv box it asks for mobile first then sends link to phone to complete registration on payment details no option to add virgin media ….. how do you register????


I also tried chat but I’m afraid they where less than useless!


You know, I can't help but wondering, when they say that 'an IT ticket has been escalated', what do you suppose that actually means in reality?'

Anything at all? Who can say?

I think its tech speak for " we've managed to fob them off for another month" 

I've started a little section on our tube-channel here of some of the conversations we've had over this.! Sometimes it's the easiest way of proving to myself  ( and ofCom) things have actually happened.! I hope it is only me who's having this trouble!

Thanks AStack for hanging on this wheelie-bin-fire thread!! Like some cheese dream but without the good bits! 

OK, the new "Equipment" that'll fix the Netflix issue is, just a remote-control.! Great

[quote] £96 for the package, £104 for the bad service, and £50 for the time... That's what we've asked for..  [/quote]

And that's what we got, but still no Netflix!!! ;-<

Yes, £250 credit came today!