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Tuning in

Pay for Netflix through virgin media bill but can’t now access Netflix. Apparently ‘profile pin currently on’. Not something I’ve turned on and can’t find anyway to turn it off. Asked to ‘enter your pin to access profile’. Not sure ever had a pin. Can’t get any information about problem on Netflix or Virgin Media sites.
The thought of endless telephone calls to either organisation is daunting. Last resort will be to cancel subscription. Any help/advice gratefully received.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi PFC1, thank you for your post on our help forum and welcome back to the community.

We're sorry to see your frustration due to this issue with your Netflix PIN and access currently, we'd love to help out.

From what you've explained above it seems there is a PIN in place for the Netflix account, this is called a profile lock PIN and can be set only by the customer with Netflix directly.

Please, have a read here where you'll find all the advice available about how to add or remove this etc.

Let us know if the above is of help to you and if you've managed to recover your PIN and resolve this.

Forum Team

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Sorry about delay Adri. I have spent so much time trying to resolve this problem but none of the sites provide access to web pages which will allow me to resolve problem. I have decided to cancel Netflix my subscription paid via Virgin Media but yet again neither Netflix or Virgin media provide a clear way to cancel. Can you help/advise please or do I have to phone VM  customer services?


Hi PFC1,


Thank you for your reply. 


To cancel, please Log in to your Netflix Account online or on the mobile app and select the option to cancel your subscription. This is under the account section. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns and we will do all we can to help.  

Vikki - Forum Team

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Hi Vikki, issue resolved. Thanks for forum help.