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UK channels

Virgin Media are sadly mistaken and arrogant in their belief that viewers will roll over and accept the loss of UK channels. My husband & I pay a substantial monthly fee and it's definitely time to visit the Sky rep in our local town centre. So disapointed, many people prefer UK programmes to US drivel. A but of nostalgic comedy is just the ticket after a day at work. Please don't tell us what we want to watch, it's condasending. What are you going to do about it Virgin? It's 50 years since Dad's Army hit our screens, well start panicing Virgin you've made a serious error of judgement, viewers of a certain age make up a percentage of your subscribers, it's a mistake to ignore us. Pay the BBC, we pay you plenty. 

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Re: UK channels

What an excellent post. I certainly can't beat it. 100% agree. Virgin sort it out or i WILL go to Sky.