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Netflix not working through Virgin only ?

We have 2 tivo boxes, 1 in the living room & 1 elsewhere. we had quite a few internet interruptions last thursday & since we can no longer access netflix via virgin tivo box in the living room. We can in the other room though. The telly we have is a smart tv & we can access it direct through there, so there is nothing wrong with the netflix account.

we have had another ongoing issue that we have put up with, the sound disappears on any one of the channels every so often, but it started at the start of covid & couldn't be bothered waiting/contacting virgin.. to fix it we just kept changing channels until it came back on.

thank you xx



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Re: Netflix not working through Virgin only ?

Hi pojo,

have you tried swapping the boxes over to see if the same errors occur?

Have you tried a different HDMI cable or port on the TV?

Does this happen on all channels you're viewing, or just certain one. If only a few channels  can you list them as that may help ascertain a box fault.

Are you using a sound system of any kind or is it connected directly to the TiVo?


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