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Silly me decided to upgrade our package with sky sports.  I can honestly say, I have never before experienced such herendous customer services.  We already had the movies.  I saw a price online through my account offering the upgrade for £18-25.  So, as i could supposedly upgrade online i thought great ,   No cant be that easy.  It said there was a problem i would have to call to upgrade.  
so i did.  🤬. I was informed that price was no longer available and it would cost £22 a month.  
ok, not great but i said ok.  The deal was done or so i thought.  We should be then paying £82 a month till the end  of our contract in jan next year.  I then look online at my bill which says £95 a month until 2022. 🤬.  It has taken a total of 8 phone calls ; long waits to speak to an advisor, i have had numerous promises on each phone call it will be sorted out. And Even now its still not sorted its pretty clear the advisors dont really know what they are doing.  You dont get an apology communication is very poor .   The sad thing is, over the years we have always been in favour of virginmedia services , we never had any issues but the customer service badly lets them down .

I understand theres a virus going around and services are disrupted but this is just a joke of a customer service.   All is great unless you need to contact them .   Its just not acceptable. 
if things dont change i will be voting with my feet and moving to another provider.  
its just not acceptable to keep making promises to customers only to find nothings changed  after lengthy discussion and no resolve

my contract ends jan 14 th  2021.   Think it will be a good thing    



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Re: Disgusting

Terrible Customer Care!!
Called on July 16th and agreed a new package instead of leaving.
Received a mobile sim as part of and cancelled my contract elsewhere and ported number over. Didnt receive my new hub so called again to double check - yeah all fine should arrive soon.
Still no hub so called again - Sorry Mr Gavin we cant give you the deal we agreed!
Not only that but they put my normal bill up from £53.99 up to £89.39 with a new activation fee and package change admin fee!
Asked for a call from complaints multiple times - apparently they sent me a letter 17 days ago that never arrive and nobody has even bothered to call me.
I've called them at least 8 times to chase the situation and nobody seems to care.
I was promised a call yesterday within 2 hours - its now been almost 24hrs and no phone call.
Best part is... i know someone on the exact package they say they cant give me. I've been a loyal customer and referrer but this has ruined the brand for me.
What a nightmare, i think i would get better customer service from Sky, NowTV, BT etc... Virgin you should be ashamed. DIRECT DEBIT CANCELLED!
If you cant even bother calling your customers who are unhappy, lets see how quickly you call for your payment!

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Re: Disgusting

DIRECT DEBIT CANCELLED is the worst course of action.

It equates to failing to pay your bill, resulting in your services being restricted.

You won’t get a phone call from Virgin Media.

You will get a letter from a debt collector and a worse credit rating than you currently have.

Phone and cancel your account correctly.

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