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V6 remote won't control sound

My virgin v6 remote will not control the volume and mute buttons. I have paired it with the tv and everything else works but the volume doesn't. I have tried all of the Samsung codes by pressing tv and clear and entering them and none of them have worked although now when I press the volume buttons the light is green not red. Have I inadvertently put it into the wrong mode and if so how do I get it out of this? I have tried to order a new remote but it comes up error when placing the order 

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Re: V6 remote won't control sound

t sounds like you are setting it up correctly as the light turns green as per virgin-tv-pairing-tv-remote 

You can also try the following:-

Click on  HOME > Help and Settings > Help > Set up Remote. 

Follow instructions there it should give you a series of codes to try.  You can also put 0999 in place of the code and press channel up until the TV turns off, then press ok.

You can also try the codes in the following RemoteCodeList 


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