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V6 Box freezing - loosing network

Tuning in

Our V6 TV box keeps freezing. It has been intermittent for months but has become almost daily and completely lost signal on a number of occasions. It happens during live and on demand viewing. Unplugging and rebooting has not fixed it. I know it must be the V6 box because our TiVo box, although slow, does not suffer the same issues.

I have followed the online help instructions a number of times. I have done the online problem identification and although it occasionally finds an issue with the V6 box this isn't always the case.

Some advice please as this is now intolerable.

Thank you.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

A TV box that's locking up and/or freezing, probably has a fault. Can you explain what you mean by "completely lost signal"?

Ultimately you're likely to need to report your box as faulty - either by phone or waiting on this forum.

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Hi Japitts

I too, am guessing it has a fault. By completely lost signal, I mean it is loosing its connection to the network and I have to use the menu to enter connect to network. Even then it sometimes fails to connect.

Whenever I try to phone, I am left waiting for a long, long time listening to music I do not enjoy waisting both my time and money. I am going to have to bite the bullet and try phoning again to arrange an engineers visit.

Anyway, thank you for your reply.

Hey @AgedOne,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue with your V6 box, can you confirm for me is this box plugged in via ethernet or are you connecting to the network via your WiFi?

You may also find it useful to run through the diagnostics on our website here, it should be able to help fix your issue, let me know if you need anything further.


I have, since having the box, had it connected to the hub via ethernet making use of a Devolo Magic Powerline system as the box and the hub are in different rooms. After your question I tried setting up the V6 to use the wifi available. All worked and speed was good but I'm afraid the same issues arise. The recorded and or on demand programs may stop at any given time and on checking the network status, I find the box has disconnected from the internet or service or something. Whatever I try seems to have no effect on the underlying issue.

I am now about to spend and inordinate amount of time on the phone trying to arrange an engineer's visit to see if it can be fixed or replaced.

Hi AgedOne,

Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome back, sorry to hear you are still facing issues with your TV Box disconnecting from the Network, have you tried connecting Via WiFi instead?



Tuning in

Hi Thanks.

I did get through on the phone and got a really friendly agent to deal with problem. Sorted by upgrading my package to Virgin TV 360. We upgraded the V6 box to the new 360 software and took out the old TiVo Box and replaced it with the 360 Mini. Have now connected both up with ethernet and all seem fine (fingers crossed).

Thank you for keeping us updated with this AgedOne. 

If you do experience any issues, please do let us know.